Monday, November 26, 2012

Service.....With A Smile

Shout out to Rachel Kramer Bussel and  who will be publishing my story soon -- "Silver Fish in a Crystal Pool" in her upcoming Anthology Serving Him.

Happy Dance!!!

A little tease, if you please.....

Before Alec wraps the scarf around my eyes, he buckles the thick vinyl cuffs around my wrists. The sound of metal and vinyl, the smell of it heating up in the sun and against my damp skin makes me weak. I can feel my clit pulsing in the warm breeze. I can smell the molten core of my earth, bark and moss and spore, as it is lifted gently by the wind in the trees.

A creek gurgles in the distance, “let go, let go, let go, let go.”

Next, my lover binds my torso and legs, the bark hot and harsh against my naked ass and back. He can’t stop grinning. He knows. He knows I have lived every day of my life for these few moments.

The blindfold is next. Suddenly, summertime is gone and I am left to dangle there in the wind and birdsong and creek babble, a feeling like floating and being tied to the tracks all at once. I hear a gentle rattle and feel a sharp pain on my nipples as soft fingers clamp them between a heavy metal chain. Then, a sharp pain between my legs as he clamps rubber-tipped clamps onto my swollen labia. My head swings sideways, hair clinging to the bark. The disembodied “he” is ready with a strip of tape that he presses firmly across my mouth with his large hands, then tugs on the chain as he moves the whip handle between my legs.

The whip doesn’t strike, it strokes. At first.


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Thanks Robin!!! Wooohooooo!!!

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I think i have to be one more guy who appreciate your work here. Great done,

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Grazie :-)

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Hi Gina,

It's been a long time and I hope you are well. I tried to reach out to you via email, but it bounced. If you still have my email address, please reach out to me or stop by my new blog at

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