Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yes and yes, a million times YES!

It's been an incredibly exciting week, but all of that will have to wait. Right now, the "Girls Who Score" blog tour is on fire.

I am in love and lust and everything else with today's featured contributor Anna Watson.....who explains that she writes erotica because: "....because I want there to be a conversation. I want us to connect with our shared human-ness, the electric hum of sexuality that vibrates beneath the skin of all queers. And an erotica anthology is a great place for that conversation and connection to take place." 

I have long identified as "yes" or as one might say on Facebook, "it's complicated." I am simply put, a very sexual person. I enjoy the erotic, the sensual, the delicious in all of its forms and I too believe that if we can simply connect, we can understand, appreciate and, um, enjoy. I believe in living our lives, fully, completely -- in whatever way that honestly means for each of us.

Thank you, Anna. You certainly got my juices flowing....let's do this thing!

I am so happy to be in this collection!

Get your YES on, people & let the Wild Rumpus commence! Below: A scene from the 2012 World Naked Bike Ride in good ol' Portlandia. What a night! Bare butts on bike seats. Don't even try to hold me down!

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