Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sudden Excitement

The stories that emerge from my brain are like dreams, sometimes. These types of pieces typically form when my body is in motion and my mind has a chance to flow. Running or cycling in the woods or on a quiet country road are the best storymaking activities. The scissors in my brain get to work while my heart is pumpin furiously, cutting the fabric of thoughts into usable pieces. By the time I get home, dripping with sweat, a fully formed story can flow directly and swiftly from brain to fingers to keyboard, all stitched together and ready to wear out on the town. I should run five times a day, to truly be productive!

When Alison Tyler announced a call for her upcoming "Sudden Sex" anthology, I decided to take a chance on a piece that had formed itself in that way, but wasn't very long -- not long enough for most anthologies. However, I liked it just the way it was. It made sense that way. I can be stubborn about messing with something that feels right. I kept it tucked away for a long time. Well, Alison was looking for short pieces and my submission came back to me like a boomerang with a big, fat YES and finally, "Seasonal Affected Disorder" has a home. Thank you, Alison! I can't wait to share it with the world. After all, there is truly nothing like a little Sudden Sex to make this old life worth living!

What's your favorite sudden sex experience? Do share.


Craig Sorensen said...

That's fantastic!

I tend to be the same way with some of my stories. I write what I write, and sometimes it's hard to find a home for those inspired stories, and for me, those are some of my favorite stories.

Sounds like you have a winner with this one! (Not that I'm surprised.)

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brutha Craig! It's funny, isn't it? Whether it is poetry or a painting or a photograph or a story, these things we make are part of us, always. It's a happy moment when we can share them with others, who might appreciate them, understand them, and give them new life, in their own way.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Even the word sudden sounds exciting! Those two ds are like a built in "Ta-da!" or something.

Congratulations! Ta-da!!

Gina Marie said...

Thank you, Jeremy! Ta-da right back to you!