Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sliding into the sea

Snorkel gear is packed & we're off to our favorite nude beaches on the Big Island to swim with the fishies. We're also going to do full-on scuba on this trip. There's just nothing like those buttery trade winds on bare skin. I can't wait to go to the little half-moon beach, swim naked above the reef. Can't wait to go on a long hike and slip unseen beyond the trail, leap out of our clothes and make love in the sunshine. Can't wait to smell the clean, flower infused air, lounge about without guilt, write and write and dream some new dreams....and let the pressures of life float away for a few days.


Now I'm thinking about the fresh mangoes from the farmer's markets in Kona....reminded me of this short piece from a long time ago, when I was just learning how to fly....

How the Mango Became Sweet and Juicy

The Monkey King went to Quetzalcoatl for help. The monkeys had eaten all the good fruit and there was nothing left but a shriveled up old goat nut of a thing, a brownish husk called a mango covered by thick, wrinkled skin. The monkeys were hungry and fighting and their bickering was making the moon cold. Her light began to fade. The moonflowers stopped blooming. Coyote quit playing tricks. Monkey King promised the Quetzalcoatl, the God of dawn, a mountain of gold in return. Quetzalcoatl went to Tarantula with an idea. He rolled a mango pod in cacao. He dusted it with gold. He dipped his feet in agave nectar and climbed to the top of the highest tree. He spun a sail of silk and flew to the moon, the gleaming golden pod on his back. The moon, she shivered at the sight of him, his fangs gleaming in the cold blue light. But when she felt his feathered feet, soft as air, against her face, she blushed gold. She swooned. She brought Tarantula to her breasts and gently took the mango pod from his back. She pushed it deep inside where it swelled, filled with her power. Then she licked the agave nectar from Tarantula's toes and the mango plumped even more with sticky sweet juice. Moonlight filled the sky and the mango trees became heavy with their newly ripe, juicy fruit. This is why Tarantula and Coyote and Monkey worship the moon and not the sun, and the monkeys learned to eat only what they need. And the blue moon is a reminder that without passion, we are left suspended in darkness, cold and hungry.

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Craig Sorensen said...

Ooh! Sounds like great adventures.