Friday, May 18, 2012

Of springtime, rain, anthers, light and kissing

Thank you, oh great one, Nikki Magennis for including me in the "swallow" issue of FeatherLit! (Mean people SUCK, nice people SWALLOW)!

It is an extreme pleasure to be included and to read on, woozy at the lush words of the likes of Jeremy Edwards, who is possibly the only writer on the planet who can weave the words "fruit colored jeans" into a hot short, short and make it work!

Coming soon to an erotic blog near you: publishing news and a tale of whipping fear into submission and going down under.....deep, deep down beneath the sexy, sexy sea.


Craig Sorensen said...

Fantastic! It is so good to see your wonderful words getting out there, Gina.


Jeremy Edwards said...

(:v> My denim fructose is absolutely fermented to be side by side with your wild floral fauna!

Verif. words: "orgamew fitseas"

Gina Marie said...