Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day, May Day!

I was only on my second cup of coffee when the second email arrived this morning. I nearly went immediately from breakfast to Happy Hour. Two incredible editors to whom I would both give my firstborn, sent tentative thumbs up on a couple of stories that have been waiting in the wings for months. If the publisher says yes, then yes is yes! Ohm. Ohm. But even if something goes awry down the road, a maybe is better than no and I am ever thankful.

Celebrating now with a happy dance and a mug o' grog! (Any excuse, yes?)

Meanwhile, here's a little piece, Hummingbird Afternoon, published by the incredible Nikki Magennis over at Feather Lit. This short, short story is a celebration of all that is right with the world. Sunshine. Love. Lust. Driving with the windows down, stripping down & hitting the open road with nothing, absolutely nothing, between that rumbling engine and the great outdoors! Thank you, thank you Nikki!!!

Oh, and at this year's Seattle Erotic Arts Festival in June, two stories and a poem were selected and will be read on stage by the Naked Ladies Reading. Damn, life is good! Guess I better keep sending stuff out and putting down all of those terribly dirty thoughts that somebody apparently likes to read. Grin.


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