Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't put baby in a corner....

Publication date: August 14!!! Get ready for some summer heat. Check out my story, "Blood Lust" and take a walk on the girl-on-girl wild side. I love bending genres and bending genders. Besides, I identify as "YES" and rarely say no, so why not? I'm so thrilled to be included in this collection edited by Ily Goyanes along with Shanna Germain, Cheyenne Blue & other incredible writers. Thank you, UNIVERSE!

Here's a tease from the story....

Rae lifted her shirt to show off her navel. "You got me good right here," she said, pointing to a fading bruise low on her torso near her right hip.

"You are so ripped," Lucy said, enjoying the peek at Rae's bare skin. "I remember that one – I could feel my fist bouncing off of your rock hard abs – like bones tapping on a kettle drum."

Take off your shirt loser," Lucy commanded, still looking so fucking cute in her polka dots.

Rae smiled and slowly began lifting her top – a black halter with a gathered bust and orange poppies blooming up the side.

Her unencumbered breasts blossomed forth as she pulled the cotton fabric over her head and stood there defiantly, Lucy circling around as if warming up for a sparring match, pressing the shutter again and again.

"Nice ta-tas chica!" Lucy exclaimed. "Damn!"

"Thank you for the compliment Lucinda," Lucy said in a snarky tone, her pussy dying for attention. She wanted to grab Lucy and take her down to the floor, but she just stood there obediently, completing Lucy's Fuck Shui d├ęcor, bare breasted and barefoot in faded tight blue jeans.

Lucy set the camera down and moved in close, wrapping her arms tightly around Rae's waist.

"You smell good too. You smell like….mmmm….like some kind of berry."

"Berry? I smell like a berry?"

"Not any berry – some kind of berry, but I can't place it. Something unusual, but familiar. You smell fresh."

Lucy tilted her head, her glossy hair sweeping across Rae's arm, driving her crazy with lust. Lips parted slightly, she kissed Rae firmly but tenderly full on the mouth, then opened her lips a little more and tickled Rae's lips with the soft tip of her tongue.

Tasting her at last was like quenching a terrible thirst. Rae French kissed her back, accepting Lucy's open invitation.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congrats on all the exciting accepts for your exemplary exuberance!

I especially love the olfactory berry business in this.

Craig Sorensen said...

Yummy! Such wonderful news. It's good to have more of your wonderful work coming out!

Gina Marie said...

Thank you, thank you! There's this funny thing that happens when I actually send stuff out, lol. So exciting!