Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thank you to Violet Blue for this hot little photo set & video. Kind of gets the juices flowing, doesn't it?

Now shut up and fuck me in the sunshine, pretty please?

Waiting Game
-- a tease,

I opened the passenger door & started to get in but Jackson grabbed my arm and strapped a black leather cuff onto each wrist and my ankles. “I said ‘get in,’” he laughed, but I meant to say, ‘get on.’ He pointed to the rack on top of the truck.

Juice gathered between my thighs as I climbed onto the roof, buckles jangling louder than in real life, bells pealing in a silent world, the quietest place I’ve ever known, the shiny metal gathering heat as the blazing summer sun turned the corner of descent in the sky. Jackson stood on the door steps and tied me down with lengths of heavy white rope, arms and legs splayed like a dead deer, head resting on a purple velvet couch pillow (impeccable planning) and ass directly over the sun roof, ankles attached to the rearview mirrors. Finally, he wrapped a red silk scarf around my eyes and the world went all shimmering orange and black and blue as the engine started up and we headed out in search, it seemed, for the edge of the earth.

The sun was a tiger’s raspy tongue licking my pussy as we rumbled along. Curiosity always threatened to do me in but as soon as I felt his tongue between my legs and his fingers pinching my hot nipples, I melted into oblivion and forgot all about the object I had replaced on the rooftop.

Hot wind rushed across my skin. I couldn’t see anything but bits and flashes of orange-red light. He kissed my mouth and neck as the truck rolled along. He kneaded my flesh with his big hands and slapped my face with his cock. Then something warm and soft landed on my right foot and traced a path to my navel. I thought it was his finger tips or maybe the tip of his cock and opened my mouth for it, but then it began tapping. Slap! The unexpected yet unmistakable sting of a the crop made me grit my teeth. I could feel my nipples rise, aching with the special kind of excitement that only pain can give me.

“How you doin’ baby?” Jackson crooned, bringing the crop down on my thighs and calves. “Having fun yet?”

“Oh, no, I giggled. No fun at all. This is terrible. Then I shouted, “Wooooo! Hell yeah! Fly me to the moon!”
The truck moved in a serpentine pattern, the earth so flat out here on the ancient lakebed, that I felt suspended from above rather than tied down. I could picture the mountains in the distance and the fat, iconic Ansel Adams clouds in stark three dimensional relief against the enormous blue sky. The sun continued to lick my cunt raw while Jaskson teased me into a state of wanting that had me screaming to be fucked by the time the truck finally rolled to a stop.

“No,” he said, turning off the engine. “You’ll have to wait.”


Craig Sorensen said...

Nothing like a little anticipation!


Gina Marie said...

Wait for it, wait for it.....