Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fallen, falling

My little place is filled with books. I've downscaled many times in the past three years, but the books are like children. I got desperate once and sold a few for money but for the most part, they are the most comforting belongings I have, except for perhaps my camera -- pages and pages filled with dreams and dreaming, laughing, sorrow, living, dying. One of the books I've had since college is one that I never slide into a bookshelf. It's always tipped up, against the wall or situated so I can see the full cover. It is "Walker Evans Cuba." I have long been fascinated with Cuba and the goal of getting myself there, eventually. I really thought I'd have been there by now, but you know, life....

So I was reaarranging things today and sure enough, the book filled with sweet, sumptuous, sad images of this tiny, enormous place of contrasting beauty and pain once again found a new, prominent place on my desk. I will get there. Within two years. That's my dream.

We recently went to a great jazz place in Portland to hear this lively, local salsa group. Makes your hips just go, all that percussion and sexy horns. I'm gonna dance myself all the way into that long-ago dream, dammit!

Photo credits:
Girl in the Palms, Brad Garber
Cuban Beach, Dmitri Alexander
Ladies with Cigars, Bobby Erica


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