Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aural Awesomeness

And....we have a date!!!

The next "Aural Pleasure" event will be held in Portland on Thursday, March 15!

The first time, I almost puked from anxiety. I almost couldn't bring myself to walk up to the microphone. Something happens to me when I get in front of a crowd. My knees get all wobbly. My voice gets all shaky. Once, I took a personality test that labeled me an "inhibited extrovert." Now, is that just fucking cruel or what? But it's so true. Put me out in front and I am a self-conscious twit. Put me in the back and I'll whisper naughty thoughts to the class clown who will bellow them in front of the class. Hey, that way the clown gets in trouble and I get off, er, don't get in trouble. I'm the drummer. I'm the doo-wop girl. I'm the chick behind the camera, unless I'm in front of it. I'm the girl who loves to wear the blindfold so she can bend over and not see who's looking. I'm the one who sets it all in motion, then runs away. But you know what, life just don't work that way, gosh damn!

So an amazing lady named Dawn "ZigZag" Montefusco started these poetry/music events in Portland awhile back & all that angst just faded away. There's something about percussion and a clarinet and bass while you're reading your innermost thoughts in front of a bunch of smiling, life-drunk, wine-happy hipsters. There's something about people saying, "go for it, you can, yes you can. Why not?" Dawn set me free, in other words, and I can't wait to do this again. Gonna bring down the house! If you're anywhere near Portland next month (within 700 miles) please join us! If you want exact directions, please get in touch through the event's FB page at

All it took was once & I told ZZ, "I'll never be shy again." So far, so good. 

Here's a brief description: 

"Got Words? Got a great paragraph from a journal? Wanna Freestyle? Maybe you just want to rant for 5 minutes? This is more than poetry, but poetry is what happens when your not looking.....or just come and be a voyeur. 

Our musicians really make this event amazing. There will be music behind the words. It is an open mic, so come early to sign up. There will also be a featured poet. 

We will have Krivo on Bass, David Rolin with percussion, Zak Boren on Mandolin and Robin Jackson on Clarinet!"

Above photo by David Rolin, a real drummer and photographer & a damn good one, too!

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