Monday, February 20, 2012

All-day sauce

The kitchen smells like tomatoes and garlic, red wine and shallots. Food is love is flavor is expression is creating something out of nothing is giving is lust on a plate and sex in a bowl. The sauce started at dawn with a little dreaming on this warm, lazybones, holi-day-off....began with a little nuzzling, a bit of lip smacking. A fluffy down comforter, plenty of canoodling. The all-day sauce got its start with a pinch on the ass and hot mugs of french roast with cream, picked up speed with a nip of holiday grog to start the day right. Began with flannel jammies and fuzzy socks. Got underway when lusty tomatoes presented themselves for dicing.

So now it's evening and the all-day sauce is smooth as velvet and will soon be thickened with blue cheese and cream. It will be poured over hot buttered pasta and served with bubbling halibut and a side dish of green & black-eyed peas with chorizo & onions in garlic cream sauce.

The place smells like satisfaction, but apparently it is the naughty fish that will really heat things up.

"Fish dinners will make a man spring like a flea...." -- Thomas Jordan

"I'll swallow any fish....It's a sad end to be buried with a tall erection wondering about life." -- Rabelais

"Chance is powerful everywhere; let your hook always be hanging ready. In waters where you least think it, there will be a fish." -- Ovid, Art of Love

All this after last night's feast of sumptuous mussels in garlic butter......time to burn some calories.

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