Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's your little pleasure?

Alison Tyler recently put a call out for dirty "Short Shorts!" Get the details HERE

Speaking of shorts, here's a mini.....Happy Pre-Hump!


No matter how it is revealed
or when I am undone.
A rolled sleeve, cutoff shorts,
dancing bare ass
in the middle of the city
late at night. At the slight
of dawn, drooling cock dripping
into clenched fist.
Bare muscled chest
at the kitchen sink,
a pulled-back sheet
relvealing earlobe, neck, spine.
A mere fingertip of it,
a lapping tongue taste of it.
Painted toes in sand,
hips thrusting against
palms, soft as satin
smooth as stone.

This membrane of his
is mine. I wear it like
a silk gown, luxuriate in
the raw pulse of it,
release my deepest needs
against the thick animal
drum hide of it,
wake up dreaming.

Banner -- http://thesip.org/2010/11/burning-image/
Inset: Gina Marie, Alvord Desert, Oregon


Craig Sorensen said...

outstanding! Excellent imagery.

Gina Marie said...

Thank you, Craig. I hope your move and life shuffle is going well!