Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something old, something new

I stumbled onto a great Tumblr site with sensual, hilarious & hot vintage erotic art. (Banner image above)Check it out here: http://olderoticart.tumblr.com/

Also started a new project for the year -- 365degrees -- 2012 in images over at Dizzy Baboon! I'm posting a new photo for every day of the year, taken on that day, along with a snippet of some sort. Care to share? Send me a snippet to ginaginabobina-at-comcast.net. I'll find the perfect photo for your snip & link back to your site if you'd like.

XO. Make it, don't break it.

Photo above from Tumblr kink


Craig Sorensen said...

Awesome stuff! Happy New Year!

I'll give that snippet thing some thought...

Verification word: rablers

yes, we are.

Gina Marie said...

Happy New Year to you, Craig!

Rable on!