Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oysters and wine

The snow is falling in big, fat, wet flakes. It's an indulgent weekend of writing, submitting, music, lingering beneath the covers, and rich homemade sauces. All of the stores were inexplicably out of oysters yesterday, even the fancy hoity toity market. So I improvised with clams and invented a new creation -- a little Cajun soul feast. We shoveled it in last night, as an appetizer, on thick chunks of hot french bread. This afternoon, the plan of action is to spoon it over rice as a mid-day snack during the Packers game. Go Packers!

How do you like to improvise? After all, there is always another way.

Here's a taste of food porn at it's best. Clams. Juice. Sauce. And the Oysters of yesteryear. Happy Sunday & happy everything to you all!

"Marie Laveau was the voodoo queen of Bourbon Street. Legend has it that the pirate Jean Lafitte often met Marie at the Old Absinthe House late in the evening where they enjoyed oysters on the half shell while trading secrets of Barataria Bay."

Recipe: Oysters (Clams) Marie Laveaux
from Chef John D. Folse

Get the recipe here -- if you can't put your paws a pile o' Oysters, it is just as tasty with a pot of steamer clams!

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