Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to eat

Select the lobsters carefully, by examining them closely. Wink at the lobsterman while he lifts the pretty tails from the ice. Walk to the checkout with a skip in your step. Smirk when the boxing girl says, "What is that? It smells a little fishy."

Present the lobsters to your lover with a tip-toed kiss. Kiss his back and shoulders while he rinses them. Squeeze his ass while he pats them dry. Pour a glass of wine. Inhale the lobster steam while they cook. Touch yourself, a little. The house is warm and strong against the wind and rain.
"Wink at the lobsterman while he lifts the pretty tails from the ice."
Melt the butter slowly. Sip. Kiss. Sigh.

Toss the mushrooms in. Fling a palmful of garlic. Bring your fingertips to your nose and inhale a wish of thanks. For everything. For every little thing.

Wrap your arms around him while he releases the meat from the shell. Slip your hands inside his flannel pants and touch him gently while he chops. Swirl in the cream, spoon in the sherry. Cradle the eggs in your fingertips and capture the yolk. Sip. Kiss. Sigh.

So when at last you eat, the creamy lobster custard sticking to your lips, you will already be fulfilled and wanting for more all at once.

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