Saturday, January 21, 2012

Games people play

Lesson Learned
 --An Excerpt

“Baby did a bad, bad thing.” – Chris Isaac

Susannah actually had the report done in a half-hour. She printed it and placed it in Steve’s in-box before heading to the supply room for an envelope and packing slip. She filled a blue mug with coffee from the supply room pot and headed to the unisex bathroom down the hall.

 She locked the door and sipped deeply from the mug, enjoying the burn of hot liquid as it slid down her throat. She’d been thinking about Damian all morning and now she was hornier than shit. Nothing like being sent packing seconds from orgasm to put the libido into angry overdrive. She lifted up her skirt and did a little dance in front of the mirror. She thought her skin looked sickly green in the fluorescent light, but when she closed her eyes and touched herself, that hardly mattered, did it? 

Perched in her four-inch patent leather pumps, She backed up against the handicap bar and set her ass on it for support, while fondling her hard nipples with one hand and her dripping labia and clit with the other. “You sonofabitch,” she whispered. “You dirty little toad.” She rubbed her clit harder and inserted her other hand below, under the leg hole of her lace boy shorts. She slipped her index finger into the hot hole of her cunt and wiggled it like a little dick, while rubbing her clit furiously, as if it was a genie’s lamp. She tossed her head back and bit her bottom lip as she came hard. In her little mid-morning fantasy, Damian’s cock was deep in her throat while another guy banged her from behind on the deck of a catamaran, tropical breeze blowing over their wet, naked bodies. She collapsed against the handrail for a moment, caught her breath and removed her panties, using them to mop up the juice on her pussy. She then carefully took them off, easing them over each spiked heel and brought them to her nose, inhaling deeply. “Fucking perfect,” she whispered. She dropped them into the envelope along with a sticky note on which she wrote, in her very best handwriting. “Baby did a bad, bad thing.”

Susannah smiled sweetly at a coworker as she left the restroom, envelope tucked under one arm, steaming mug in the other, her now bare pussy still dripping. “Hi Alice,” she said. “Happy Hump Day.”

“Ha!” Alice said with a broad smile and a wink. “Yes! Over the hump! You too.”

At the end of the Hallway, Susannah entered the mailroom and affixed the rush delivery label to have the envelope sent out by courier to “SuckerPunch Publishing” at an address across town – Damian’s address. She dropped the sealed envelope into the courier box and went back to work, feeling satisfied from tip to toe.

 An hour later, a courier van pulled up in front of Damian’s townhouse on the other side of the city. 


Craig Sorensen said...

Nasty. Just nasty.


Gina Marie said...

Gotta get a little nasty now and get through winter ;-)

Gina Marie said...
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