Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't it just be fun?

This article on Violet Blue's site about facials really surprises me. I'd love to jizz on someone's face if I could, and I like a good face shot myself. Actually, I find everything about sex and desire and passion -- wait for it -- FUN! Sex is beautiful, sacred, amazing, intense, sometimes dark, sometimes sweet, sometimes it burns. But really, isn't it time for the sexual "evolution" to lighten up? Be safe, be real, be open, believe in yourself & don't behave! The thing is, any form of sex could be degrading. But respectful, mutual sex should be open to any experience, any desire, any kink. Why do we limit ourselves? I'll just never understand that.

At the same time (as perhaps with anal sex), many people struggle to believe that receiving a facial is something a woman could enjoy. Andelloux told me a story about a seminar she ran recently on a college campus during which a young woman shared that she experienced her first orgasm when her boyfriend came on her face. "Nothing else that was said that day shocked the audience so much. I could tell a lot of people didn't believe her. But I did." Andelloux remarked that some other women reacted with hostility, "as if by admitting a liking for facials, she was committing an act of violence against other women." In the era of porn wars, perhaps not even anal sex is as politicized as the question of where the ejaculate lands.

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