Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coyote Nights

There are moving boxes EVERYWHERE. Most of them are filled with books. I sorted through every last volume and found four that I couldn't live without. I have collected books since I was in middle school. I'd go to Powell's City of Books in downtown Portland, an hour bus ride away from my small town and haul them home, purchased with money I earned cleaning houses for little old ladies and transplanting seedlings at a nursery. I've gotten better about buying books, mostly. But I still love them, still want them and enjoy being surrounded by them.

What I don't love is moving, even though I'm really excited about the sweet digs we'll have a mile from my day job in a better part of town. It's difficult to write when things are unsettled. I'm looking forward to moving day and settling in with the kids and the books and the pots and pans and making a new creative space.

I'm also looking forward to a long weekend in the desert coming up soon in a place that truly feels like home, is truly home, every time. It's the last chance to soak up the light and heat before the Dog Days (which arrived an entire month late this year) fade for months. Out there, at the far rough and rocky edge of Oregon, the Dog Days are Coyote Nights. (Coyote prints in the Alvord Desert mud above). We'll soak our dry bones in the hot springs, howl at the moon and feast on hot dogs & macaroni, beef jerky, boiled coffee & warm whiskey. Here's to dog days, coyote nights, getting settled, a slow change of seasons & making creative space, wherever you can find it.

On another note, I received a "YES" for a story that will be out in "Locker Room," a lesbian anthology edited by Ily Goyanes in the not-too-distant future! Hip Hooray! Keep on truckin'!


Craig Sorensen said...

I hear you about being creative in the midst of a move.

I wish you all the best in your move, and much inspiration in your new location.

Oh, and big congrats on the acceptance!

Gina Marie said...

Thanks, Craig. I have a home, but haven't had a home in a very long time. And I am not a very patient person. There is something about writing that requires a space. The problem with my old writing shed is that, outside that little shed door, there was nothing. Some people, LOL! I'll figure it out. Keep on, keeping on, as they say.