Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer

Sometimes it's good to be a bit "off" as they say across the pond. Because when life throws you one, you barely topple. Today was like that.

But when I returned home and a mama deer was peacefully munching grass with her baby right across the street I thought, "Well now. Life is weird. Life is good. And so am I."

Apparently today is "National Punctuation Day." Here's a little ditty from the archives. All about punctuation. And tasty words. And books. And diction. And stuff.

Rubber on Paper

Manny Cruz is sweating. His hand is India ink on the white marble countertop. A damp pool of it. I look up at him, sternly, through black-framed cat-eyes.

There is a rustle of yellow chiffon against calf as I reach for my stamp. I press wet rubber to paper and mark the due date. My recommendation. I know what he’ll ask next. “English lessons?” His accent is molasses and honey.

I nod, then whisper, “Tomorrow. Sweet Coconut.”
It’s tacky and so outrageous that it’s discreet -- the Sweet Coconut. All burnt-orange bed spreads and Pine-Sol twang, a couple of haggard old palm trees in front.

We shower. Manny feels me up slowly, eyes closed, trembling. I press the small yellow soap between his cheeks, across his chest, under his balls. He is taught and smooth and hard. I tell him no. Not yet.
I open a hamper, hand him a crustless egg salad sandwich, mix a couple of rum & cokes. The boy can’t learn on an empty stomach.

“Now,” I say, climbing onto the bed in a black babydoll and Cinderella Lucite pumps. “Read.” He cracks the spine. Dirty words leap from the page. A month from now he’ll understand them -- after I untangle his tongue and smooth out his diction.

He reads slowly, his twisted words like tantra music. I moan corrections, touch myself to show him. His heavy, dark cock swells against his belly. I take it, spread my lips, lower myself onto him, and the words come tumbling out.


Craig Sorensen said...

Very nice!

I hope you're recovering nicely from the curve ball you encountered.

Gina Marie said...

Hi Craig - that curveball is 13-year-old and 16-year-old sons, summer break & friends with cars
;-)I'll recover, after I catch my breath!

Craig Sorensen said...

Oh yeah. I hear you.

Breathe deep!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I've always loved this piece!

And you make crustless egg salad sandwiches soooo sexy.

Gina Marie said...

LOL, thanks Jeremy! Breathing deeeeeeeeeeeply!!!