Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moondrops and roses

The big old equinox harvest moon last night did a number on me. Now, I don't like to blame emotional upheaval on anything but too much champagne and having a lot of shit to deal with, but damn! The floodgates were unleashed. I woke up this morning feeling like a fool and relieved to have lived through my own wackiness.

The lesson I learned, however, is this: not only is it OK, even for tough girls to let it all out sometimes. Life can be hard. Sometimes you just have to have good, honest cry.

Misplaced angst was apparently building up, but I think I got to the core of the problem. While the problem won't go away for a very long time, I'm better prepared to deal with it. So thank you, Mr. Naughty Moon. Maybe I needed that?

This morning I ran for an hour in the rain, stopping only to nibble rose hips along the path. As the drops of rain and drops of sweat ran together, my head cleared and I felt centered again. Cleansed, physically and emotionally.

Now I'm going to take a moment to celebrate my successes and say adios to my failures, and treat myself to some hot new knickers.!!!

Speaking of Harvest Moon, Neil Young will have a new album out soon. "Just a man on a stool....a sonic, stunning adventure." Doesn't that sound just perfect?


Craig Sorensen said...

Sometimes even tough guys need a good cry too, Gina. Cleansing is good.

Enjoy them knickers, enjoy them tunes.

BadAssKona said...

All I see is a dancing girl, in a short skirt, on the playa....

Gina Marie said...

Tunes are delicious! Knickers on the way. Thanks, Craig.

Yes, Mr. BAK -- thank you for reminding me of that girl. We'll get back there....oh, yes we will.