Friday, September 3, 2010

Into the Woods

I just loaded the camping cooler into the car. In it are three batches of "the devil made me do it" whiskey brownies, a buttload of frosting, and Jones Soda for the kids.

We're going to an adventure race weekend out in the high desert of Central Oregon. Brad is loading up his cooler on the other side of town with 15 pounds of macaroni salad for a crowd and good ol' camping eats for us. We donated brownies & mac salad for the post-race feast.

I've got my writing notebook and a book-book, trail shoes & flip flops, the hula hoop, whiskey & wine, and a road song already stuck in my head.

The sun is shining and the air this morning reminded me of that fresh, clean ocean-scrubbed air in Hawaii. It's going to be a kick-ass weekend.

Happy playing y'all! Gotta put fall off for as long as possible.


Craig Sorensen said...

Have a great time! And thanks for posting that excellent performance of a memorable song.

Ah, the tales I could tell about moments listening to the Doobies.

Gina Marie said...

Craig, we got to see the "new" band perform here a couple of weeks ago at an outdoor concert. They were fantastic. The original guys now are Tom Johnston & Pat Simmons -- sounded great. What wonderful, happy music!

(do tale tales!)

Gina Marie said...

....and holy cow. The things we do to our bodies for fun. That was a good, wild weekend!

Sommer Marsden said...

My god. I lurve the Doobie Brothers. Had a turtle named Doobie once. He had one eye and he 'ran' away.

Have mucho fun!!! :)


Gina Marie said...

Thanks Sommer, gosh, I just now found your comment! A one-eyed turtle named Doobie -- I love it! We did have a spectacular time.