Friday, August 6, 2010

Keep on keeping on

A new blog....a public place more for both of us to share musings and artsy stuff to expand on the our smut peddling Enjoy!

Happy Friday. Rollin' along......the weekend is ever closer!

Good Morning

The way the light comes through the window as dawn breaks and streaks across our bare skin. It's how you whisper, sleepily, "I love you" as if in a dream, but you've been awake for hours, your cock straining toward the window like the rough, thirsty stem of a daisy. Some wise person said that desire will creep away. It's a scientific fact, she told me. I beg to differ. Please, please and pretty please. With cherries and cream. It's the way my spine clicks into yours when I turn into the cool edge of pillow. The way my fingers fall into your palm as my belly sinks into a thousand and one nights. It's how you stroke the curves of my ass as if you've never touched me before. I can feel the ache and satisfaction in your fingertips. Insomnia leads my lips to you. It's that moment when my lips find the soft snail of your existence curled between your thighs. The core from which you sprung, from which I drink. A blanket of peace shimmers like northern lights, like oil torches, like candles in the surf. Your hands on my breasts, our lips clinging to blue light, your palm against the small of my back, tongues wrapped like vines, bone on bone.

It's how we fall back to sleep, slipping gently away from the torturous machinations of the modern brain. This is how we make it through the night, the reason desire seeks us out, always creeping towards us, never away. Never.


BadAssKona said...

Well, you sure did capture the essence of our interaction. I couldn't have said as beautifully. And what a fine way to take care of insomnia!! Works every time!

Gina Marie said...

And doesn't leave me groggy, like sleeping pills :-)Come hither, desire, come hither!

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