Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bit by bit

I paid off the car today. The title will now bear my name. Gina's motorcar! It is the only thing I own that is worth more than a couple hundred dollars. Except for that hunk of steel on wheels, my life has become light as a rose petal and sturdy as a knotty old tree.

The wrong that makes the right

A wish upon my hips
twists the key that turns the screw.
No bright bird morning transforms
the expression of your lust.
Falling into being, crawling into
seeing. Arranging tears like furniture
is your will be done. Slipped
and slit. Done. And done.
At last undone.
Top photo: "Any Old Way" by Porg at Deviant Art


Craig Sorensen said...

Congrats! I own my car too (and it looks like it.) ;-)

Love the poem.

BadAssKona said...

Soar, my little hummingbird!