Monday, July 12, 2010

The way the air feels

"Only if the car stays in the garage."
--My ex-husband's response when I told him I wanted to try car sex sometime.

Fast-forward through the time-space continuum, climb the mountain of hope and enter a whole new world.....where there aren't any garages. I like it here.

The car is on auto-pilot. The tires are crunching quietly across the hardpan playa. There are dustdevils in the distance. We are surrounded by mountains and wrapped in a blanket of blue sky. The air is like butter on our bare skin. His tongue is like butter on my clit. We are covered in thin, white aboriginal dust after rolling around in the mud out on the moist part of the lakebed. After lying on the playa to dry and then cracking the chunks off, what's left behind is a delicious, soft talcum. It feels good on my thighs when I walk and makes my skin feel like silk. We took a dip in the hot springs afterwards, but a thin layer of playa dust remains.
I am spread-legged atop the sunroof. He is dining on my mineral water-washed pussy like a hungry animal. He is a hungry animal. So am I. So hungry that I'll never get enough. I just eat and eat and eat. The food never runs out in this place, either. No-one ever goes hungry. Ever. The wind carries my moans away. The wind. The wind over the mountains. The wind whipping across the desert and into my hair. The wind across my skin. The wind across our skin. The delicious, sensual air. The air doesn't feel this way in a garage. Or in an air-conditioned room. Or on a body covered with clothing.

He joins me through the sunroof and pulls my pelvis towards his and fucks me hard, the car tires grabbing ahold of the earth and taking us nowhere we've ever been. We're winding like a snake across the land, fucking on top of the car, no garage in sight. The sensuality of this moment is overwhelming. Sun and sky, white earth and mountains, delicous, perfect air. Skin and skin and skin. The hot metal of the truck top on my hands and feet. The joy of fucking through space -- sex in motion.

Oh yes, yes, yes! I like it here very much.


Nikki Magennis said...

Fabulous! What wonderful images and words. I drove through salt flats once - a long, straight, shimmering road. Keep having lovely fun!

(My spamword is 'swear'.)

Craig Sorensen said...

My how them times have changed, eh?

Awesome post.

BadAssKona said...

Makin' our own mud, rolling across the earth. Motion on motion on motion...sort of like the earth around the sun around the Milky Way, roaring through infinity. How vast is this life.

Gina Marie said...

Nikki! Hello beautiful Mama! "A long, straight, shimmering road." That's beautiful. Thank you -- the fun is just beginning.

Ah yes, Craig. The universe is blown wide open.

Beautiful BAK -- you are my muse. "Roaring through infinity." What a trip!

Erobintica said...

now sky as garage

Gina Marie said...

Hi Ms. Robin! The sky tastes so good!