Friday, July 30, 2010

Eat Me!

Cafe blogging! Yayyyyy! I'm sitting in an old brick courtyard cafe during my lunch break. The building is a former Catholic school & hospital designed & constructed by a feisty old architect nun way back when. Her name was Mother Joseph. Imagine how many spankings happened in this place! They say there are ghosts here. Naughty ones, I hope, but I have yet to experience anything strange, except for the trick lock on the bathroom door. The coffee is strong, and there is free wireless. The brick walls and stone-paved floor are good for my writer's soul!

So, we're working on some PROJECTS. Gotta keep the creative fires stoked, 'cuz someday we're gonna up and runoft (R-U-N-O-F-T) to a little grass hut.

Project numero uno: MindFuck Fiction -- Gluttony! I took the cover photo of this delicious e-book and have one of my stories and a collaborative Daisy James story in it. Check it out. Gluttony is a winner and it's just the start in the Seven Sexy Sins Serious! (Ouch! I think Mother Joseph just rapped my nuckles). Let Shanna know if you're interested in reviewing! Pllleeeezzze help spread the word about this kickass hottie of a book!

Numero Dos: Sensual Afflictions at Etsy! Who knows if this will work, but dammit, I LOVE photography. We love photography! We started up an Etsy site to get started. We'll see what happens. With some creative marketing & watching for local opportunities to show work, maybe!

Numero Tres: A new book of our own: "Suck it! Irreverant Tales of Lust." Stay tuned. I might ask for contributions at some point, for some funny, wacky stories. People take themselves waaayyyy too seriously. It's time to have some fun.

Numero Quatro: A hard-cover, print-on-demand book by Gina Marie & Mr. BadAss, filled to overflowing with sensual images, poetry, writing & art. Stay tuned!


BadAssKona said...

What a life!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Such good news.

Such good times.


Erobintica said...

All sounds wonderful!

hahaha, my word is disher

Gina Marie said...

Workin' it, baby!

Hi Craig! Hi Robin! Happy Saturday!

Shanna Germain said...

Fucking A, Lady! Rock in with your bad self. SO excited!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Whoa Nellie, you are Project Central! Fabulous! I shall now picture the two of you sitting at a big desk talking on six or seven phones simultaneously.

Gina Marie said...

Sometimes I become "project central" when procrastinating. Not this time! Progress is being made!!!!

Gina Marie said...

Nellie! Thanks Jeremy. I've been looking for a character name.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ghoa, Nellie, go!