Friday, July 9, 2010

The patron of writing, astronomy, mathematics, law, magic, and healing

My new obsession......

"The ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods and goddesses. One of their most beloved gods was named Thoth (thohth or toht). Thoth was the patron of writing, astronomy, mathematics, law, magic, and healing. He was often drawn having the body of a man and the head of an ibis.

Ancient Egyptians mummified, or preserved, dead ibises and gave them as offerings to the gods. To mummify an ibis, the body of the dead bird was wrapped in many layers of cloth bandages. Some ibis mummies were placed in ibis-shaped coffins. Archaeologists have found large numbers of mummified ibises in ancient Egyptian sites.

The species of ibis most commonly mummified by the ancient Egyptians was the sacred ibis. The sacred ibis has white feathers and a bare black skin on its head and neck. This bird was common in Egypt during ancient times. It still lives today in many areas of Africa.

Ibises belong to the family Threskiornithidae. The sacred ibis is Threskiornis aethiopicus; the glossy ibis, Plegadis falcinellus; the white-faced ibis, P. chihi; the white ibis, Eudocimus albus; the scarlet ibis, E. ruber."
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BadAssKona said...

So great, to see so many of them last weekend! Beautiful and graceful and exotic (and erotic) birds...