Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i like it this way

Last weekend we were at an erotic theater production called "Inviting Desire" about female sexual drive and just getting on with it -- deal with it people, women fucking love sex too! Seriously, the whole thing about women thinking about chocolate more than sex.....don't even get me started. Anyway, it was a great production, especially when they asked the audience to give them an improv scenario. BAK yelled out, "Do it with a dog!" And they did. "Three beautiful ladies acted out "A Dentist Doing it with a dog at Disneyland" at 60, 30, 15, 3, and 1-minute interevals. It was a riot.

On Friday we took off for the U.S. National Orienteering Championships in Antelope, Oregon. The site of the old Rashneesh Ranch is one of the most beautiful places on earth -- and one of the most rugged. I wouldn't join a crazy cult to live there, but I would drop a lot of things to just melt into those hills and explore. At one time the Rashneeshies owned 62,000 acres of pristine Oregon high desert. Now the property is largely owned by a Christian group organization. I'm hopeful for talks about preserving big chunks of it as wilderness. There's just something about it -- it just has to be preserved forever. It's truly a wonder of the world.

So we get back home after two nights in a tent and 8 1/2 hours trekking across the hills on Saturday and shower off the grit & hobble into the big boy bed for a nap before heading north to my place where the Scrabble tournament ensued. Grrrr -- I'm behind by three games now. Stupid "E" tiles, anyway! Then it was a lazy holiday morning with home-cooked breakfast and taking it easy before we took my son out kayaking on the lake nearby. Then milkshakes from the old town drive-in just down the street, a couple more of those fateful Scrabble games (maddening game!) and finally, a brilliant showing of Mary Poppins in the afternoon with popcorn and whiskey.

What I'm getting at here is that I LOVE being able to slip on my party shoes one minute and head for the hills in trail shoes and wool socks the next. In fact, that makes me horny ;-)

Two days 'till Hawaii and I'm about wiggling out of my existence. That makes me horny, too.
And, later this month there is a kinky party......amidst all the other craziness, I'm already imagining what that night's going to be like. Party shoes and fairy dust, here we go! Yep....massive doses of horniness!

Hot Fun in the Summertime

We could hear the heavy rhythm and noise of the party from three blocks away – the DJ was thumping a sick beat and the rise and fall of laughter and mayhem filled the thick, wet June air. Warm rain came down in sheets, but I didn’t worry about my hair. The rain was the least of what could mess me up tonight.

The entry fee at the door was a bare-assed flogging and a can of food. Human or animal – it didn’t matter. This is how we make the world a better place.

Inside, a thick cloud of dope made me instantly high. Hugging a sweaty body and kissing sticky lips was like licking a poison arrow frog – the drugs secreting through the skin. The delirium and insanity and hilarity spread from kiss to hug to lick to slap like a delicious poison.

We weren’t there five minutes when he strapped me down onto a beautiful hard wooden table outfitted with all the finest hardware – eyebolts and ropes, chains, hooks and wires. He snickered at me splayed out there completely naked, tied a leather blindfold across my eyes, and licked my navel while fingering my pussy. “Gonna hunt down a drink,” he said, casually. “Don’t go anywhere.”

For a few minutes, I just lie there sweating, suspended in the rhythm of the music and crowd, catching bits of conversations. “One time he….” “Pussy...lick…butt….fuck….ooohhhhhhh yessssss….” “That little whore.” “At Burning Man back in 1987….” “On top of a mountain – “ “No fucking way…” “He didn’t tell you?”

Then it began to get more personal. “Who does she belong to?” “God, look at those nipples.” “Nice, full lips.”

A hand brushed my stomach. A mouth sucked on my pinkie toe, the warm, wet anonymous lips making me tingle all the way up to my throat. A crop came down lightly on my thigh and I jumped a little. And then I smiled. I could feel a tightening circle around my body, sensations building. Fingertips, lips, hair. Then the mouth I knew best filled mine with ice cold whiskey in a long, thirst-quenching kiss while he unbuttoned my clit with his thumb and unzipped my wet, shaved twat with his fingers. Somebody clapped. Fingers pinched my nipples and a bearded mouth nibbled at my ear. A girl’s voice whispered, “I want you.”

Oh, this was gonna be one helluva night.



Donna said...

Oh, my, I like this delicious post from start to finish. I hear you on the media's insistence women don't like sex--what is the agenda there? Has to be something to do with getting us to feel dissatisfied so we buy things instead of doing it and writing about it, which can be nearly as much fun. Sounds like you and BAK have many more adventures ahead this month. Looking forward to the report! "Exesses" is my spamword!

Craig Sorensen said...


Keep those adventures going, and have a great time in Hawaii. The high desert locale you describe sounds exquisite.

neve black said...

Hey, play for minutes of pleasure when you play the game. That way, even if you lose, you still win.


Happy, happy, happy for you! Have a wonderful trip playing in the tropics.

Gina Marie said...

Donna! I know, every time I hear the chocolate thing I go into spasms of displeasure :-) Maybe you've got it with the buying things. Hmmmm!

Hi Craig -- nasty is as nasty does!! I'll send you my desert adventure album link. Oh, it's just so amazing out there.

Thanks Miss Neve. I'm looking forward to playing pinup on the beach, busting loose with my mermaid tail & going all Jungle Gina on the wet side!

David said...

That even got me going...and it's MY birthday party. I assure you a good, good time. And you're aware that I know how to spell g-o-o-d. *grin*

Bull? Or elk?

Gina Marie said...

Yay David! I prefer bull AND elk, actually....occasionally even at the same time.