Friday, May 14, 2010

Somebody's good girl

The weather man said it's going to be 77 degrees today. The weather lady said the same thing. Oh, this is gonna be good! Yesterday I flung off my running shoes and went barefoot through the grassy Parade Grounds at old Fort Vancouver, up and down the soft green slopes. Freeeeeeee! Too many clothes on, of course, but there were children and small dogs around, so I kept my pantz on.

Ahhhhh! It felt like BUTTER on my tootsies! I am a very naughty, horrible person on sunny days at work. I HATE being penned in an office. I escaped at noon for recess at the gym, then skedaddled for a run before going to school, which was another three hours of cruelty -- sitting on my ass in an over-conditioned building talking about persuasion theory, longingly gazing at walkers and joggers enjoying the balmy evening out on the gorgeous Portland waterfront.

My life is so insanely busy -- work, school, kidz, chores. I have to snatch moments here and there. There aren't hours, they just don't exist. I'm going to write a book called "The Minutes." It will be five pages long.
Add the weekend warrioring to that and, yeah. It's nutty goodness. This weekend there is camping and a trail race in the woods. Then there is an orienteering competition/race out in the desert. Then we're going to Hawaii for 10 whole days!!!!! (First time for me.....did I mention that I'm a little EXCITED?) We're staying at a condo in Kona for most of the trip, then to a nudist place where we'll have our own little yurt next to the rubber tree. As soon as I'm on that plane, it will be like a transfusion of time. The hours will finally come back.

But even in a minute, on a quick walk to the bus stop, I can find treasures and I keep reminding myself of that. The top photo is the guts of a poppy I found yesterday. The morning light was so perfect. Snap! A forever treasure. Writing is like that, too, these days. Quick, grab it! Snap! A start......of something. Like this one:


His name ain’t Jack, but the red leather collar was on sale -- half off. How could I resist? "Jack’s Good Girl" is what is says, in silver block lettering.

The punked out princess with the mohawk at the leather shop actually giggled a little when I bought it. His pale, skulking face morphed into a half-smile when he said, “Custom order got fucked up. It was supposed to be Jake’s, not Jack’s.”

"Nah, It’s supposed to be Jeepers -- his real name, serious," I said, swaying my hips. “But Jeepers don’t care. Red leather and a loop for a chain and he’s all over it. The idea of having Jack’s girl will make his dick drool anyway.”

The boy shook his head and raised his scrawny shoulders. “No surprises around here. Everything goes.”

Sure does, I thought, clutching my collar and a pair of skanky fishnets in the flimsy pink plastic porn store bag. Sure the fuck does.

I wish I knew what happens next. Maybe I'll find out later today, while I'm sprinting across the grass, barefoot and free, soaking up a few precious minutes outside in the sunshine.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, check out BAK's wonderful F-Stop post and comments. Three cheers for being authentic human animals!


Craig Sorensen said...

Keep those bare feet covered in dew, little Gina!

Weather's beautiful here too. High of around 72 and sunny both Saturday and Sunday.


Gina Marie said...

Thanks, Craig! Won first in my age group in the race today, partied like a rock star & taught my boys a thing or two about fishing. Life is very good, even when it comes in fits & starts!

Emerald said...

Hey Gina — wow, safe travels and have a beautiful vacation!

So I sent out an email last Sunday wishing the erotica writing (and DeDe) moms I knew a happy Mother's Day, and at the last minute I did not put you on the list because I was not certain you had kids and did not want to presume. It seems from this post that you do indeed, so apologies for my ignorance, and belated happy Mother's Day!!


Gina Marie said...

Thanks so much, Emerald! That is so very sweet.