Thursday, May 20, 2010

rain, rain, go away!

The sun came out once today and created a reflection on a car across the street. Everyone in the room saw it and sighed. "Don't blink," somebody said. "It won't last." I blinked and it was gone, and then I almost got swallowed up by a nasty hail storm.

Vitamin D is a hormone that I crave fiercely. It gives me power and the ability to endure pain and accomplish great feats of strength. It makes me not give a darn when the dog eats somebody's homework.

Oh well! Sunshine in a glass will have to suffice this fine, dismal evening.

Here's some happiness though -- a Daisy James story (BAK and Gina Marie collaboration!) and one of my stories will be published in Mind Fuck's "Gluttony." Yeah, I'm more than a little stoked!!!!

Here's a little glimmer -- proof that the cold, barren winter moon can bring on some happy hormones, too. Oh, and the full Flower Moon is on May 17. Arooooo!

Hunger Moon
By Daisy James

His long fingers reached deep to meet her Milky Way, to strum against the shimmering membrane between fantasy and reality. He held her there, soft, hard, passionate, commanding. She was rising to meet the moon, when he stopped and stood. “Come,” he demanded, softly. He took her hand and helped her onto her quaking legs. He led her to the end of the table, lifted her up, spread her legs and impaled her with his cock. Just that quickly, just that unceremoniously, just that passionately, he was slipping in and out of her, there on the picnic table in the park, in the coolness, in the subtle warmth of a winter moon.


Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Gina. As I was saying earlier, we had the gloom for about four days out here, then today was perfect.

Here's hoping a dose of Vitamin D is on its way to you.

And congrats on the wonderful story!

BadAssKona said...

"I'm gonna shoot you full of that sweet rock & roll, and fill you full of rhythm and blues...." And the Vitamin D is gonna run down your legs in about 14 days!ad

Jeremy Edwards said...

Now, that's what I call Vitamin D: Delicious Daisy!

Gina Marie said...

10 days 'till we land in vitamin D pineapple paradise! Yaaayyyy!

Thanks y'all -- the MindFuck Fiction deadly sins series is going to be awesome! Just wait 'till you see the cover for "Gluttony." Hoochie Mama!

Erobintica said...

those are James Taylor lyrics, right BAK? I have that album but haven't listened to it in ages!