Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic realism gone awry?

I sent this to a flash contest and it was sent back for being too naughty. But I didn't mean anything by it -- not like that. I was trying to convey the magic realism of nourishment, transference of energy, humanity, animal instincts, and sexuality. What do you you think?

Lucha Libre

On a cold, starless March night, as the story went, Lucha’s mother left this world and Lucha entered it. “Scrawny as a pinto bean,” her father had wailed, stroking his wife’s thick, dark hair for the last time. Holding the child to his chest, he went to his wife’s still body and kneeled at her side. He breathed in the heavy smell of her labor and the exhalations of life that swirled about the shell of her existence. Love, innocence, terror, hope, and sustenance. Suddenly, Micalo’s breasts began tingling and aching. With in the hour they had swollen to fertility goddess proportions and began dripping sweet, creamy milk down his belly. Shocked and relieved both, he tentatively held the newborn to a breast and she began suckling. “Lucha,” he said, naming the girl, as she became stronger by the second with this miracle of father’s milk. “Fighter!”

Oh, she was a fighter all right. A freedom fighter. Lucha beckoned the boy both seductively and innocently with her finger, lifting her skirt. Gabriel’s breath became jumbled in his chest as he looked between Lucha’s legs. There, was a humongous, glistening, succulent fruit of a clitoris. It filled the space between her legs completely, protruding with penile masculinity and yet round, thick and pearly pink. A ripe banana, an elephant clit! It glistened in the dappled light beneath the tree. He suckled, fondled, and lapped at her monstrous clit for days. One bite and Gabriel couldn’t stop. In fact, he ate himself to death. Lucha lay in the sun, satisfied, until the next boy came along.

ps -- have you ever seen an elephant clit? Holey matriarchal society!!!


BadAssKona said...

Naw...this should be entitled, "A Good Meal, Gone Awry." After all, when I've finally gotten my fill of clit....(hmmmm, hold that thought)....no such thing

Gina Marie said...

Well hmmmm, at least I didn't offend you, big guy!

Craig Sorensen said...

Ach, no accounting for editors' tastes, but I like it!

Gina Marie said...

;-) Craig.