Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A luxurious night in Seattle

What is it about hotel sheets? Now I'm an outdoorsy, tomboyish sort of girl. But the very thought of luxuriating about in fine cotton hotel sheets. Oh my!

This hotel bed in downtown Seattle is all fat and fluffy. The sheets are thick and gloriously white as only hotel sheets can be. The view of the city is amazing. The bed faces big picture windows.

Sometimes, my clit swells up so furiously at the thought of him that I can barely walk. There becomes a cantaloupe between my sticky thighs. Yes, sticky. Sticky and sweet. "I'll use a spoon," he says. "If I have to." The best part is, I know he will.

I love this man. Have I mentioned that lately? I love everything about him (even his little outbursts when being whupped by a girl at Scrabble). It makes me giggle. Does that make me a bad girl? I hope so.

The room smells of sex and naughty girls (yes you) and testosterone and fancy french body wash and seasonably cold Seattle spring air and sex and toes and twisted up legs. The room smells of people having the best days of their lives right here in the middle of the city in the middle of middle age in the middle of it all. Right here. Right now. The pretty white sheets smell like skin and not having a care in the world. Because we don't. We have hotel sheets, fancy elevators that deliver us to the doorstep, a shower with six nozzles, kissable lips and dancing feet. It's good to be alive.....

Robin got me going on this Lusty Month of May dirty-poem-a-day kick.....I won't post them all, but here's the first one.

Monday morning at the cafe

A crooked grin
twists my lips
when she says
for the millionth time,
"Whip or no whip?"
Did she just glance at my hips?
No hesitation
Fuck it. "Extra whip."
Chocolate and cream
fleck the tip of my nose.
Rain splashes the panes,
gathers in sheets along the curb.
The comfort in this cup
is the steam
is the heat
is the bittersweet swallow
and remembering
the way your whip
comforted me last night.


Gina Marie said...

The photo is of Mr. BAK -- leaving the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival in his signed tighty whiteys, singing the Scarecrow song from the Wizard of Oz. Never know what that boy's gonna do next. Isn't that fine????

Gina Marie said...

And the woman in the gown is the lovely Ms. Germain, of course, applying her cocksucker red....just so.

Erobintica said...

Wonderful photos! (Gee, those ones of BAK weren't posted on FB, wonder why??? hehehe) Nice ass.

And the poem is ... steamy. I haven't written one yet, do you believe it? Don't worry though, things are just simmering.

Shanna Germain said...

LOVE that pix of BAK. I'd forgotten about that!

Post your poem on the NaMaMo blog! It's awesome!

And... I have no idea who you're talking about. I'm neither dirty or naughty... :P

Craig Sorensen said...

My guess? Seattle will never be the same.

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Loved the poem!

Gina Marie said...

Shanna, Shanna, Shannalicous....you're right. You're not naughty or dirty at all! You're simply delicious!!!

Gina Marie said...

Hi Craig! Seattle may never be the same, for sure. Next year I hope we can go to the "big show." But the people watching alone, even on the so-called quiet night, was amazing. Aside from BAK and Shannalicious, the weird mime in the white thong handing out fortunes was my favorite :-)

BadAssKona said...

The Barista of Love

Perhaps, it was the deftness with which she held it
His tall warm cup.
Perhaps, it was the obvious
Attention to detail
Lavished upon his morning indulgence.
Perhaps, it was how her small trembling hand extended
Her smile beneath tresses
Twisting about her creamy face, eyes dark
As whole roasted beans, love dripping
Her bubbling voice, her stirred body arching, beckoning
“Personal triple
Chocolate, light

BadAssKona said...

There is no end to the fun! Portland, Boise, Seattle, Kona and all the fields, rocks, trees, rivers, mudholes and bunny places in between. What a playground!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hotel rooms! Sheets! Fluffy! Fluffy-puffy-hotel-bed-pillow-duvet sex!!

Erobintica said...

BAK, now I need a mocha!