Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go outside and play

My yard is so wet that the pea plants are squatting miserably in a little lake. They need rubber boots. The rain came down in buckets, pails, tubs, cups, mugs, pans....all day long as wave after wave of storm clouds rolled through.

We went out in it anyway, dodging the drops. We discovered cave crickets in an old mine shaft, a pioneer apple orchard, the promise of wood ducks, dined on stale piggy puffs & whiskey, and traipsed about in the countryside.

Back home, we warmed up & loaded our bazillion photographs. Then we wrote porn about porn and poetry about slugs and snails. Sexy, slimy arthropods!

The Slugs on the Road
by BAK

The golden slugs on the Oregon Trail
Have seen this before, and lived
Seeing, as they do, with periscopes
Above the slime of their own
Trails, from comfort to the unknown.
Striking, as if they could, a measured
Response to economic forces
The crash of the bubble, and slide
Of rhetorical slopes into the moral
Abyss, they dictate their own way,
A meek wisdom all of their making.
I try to avoid them with my stride
And, invariably, place them aside
Into places they did not want to be.

Snail Male
by Gina Marie

Going everywhere slow
tongue arched against
the cobbled road
quivering towards twilight
slime slick as sin
oozing into crevices
retreating against cloudburst and landslide
a shell of geometric perfection
a singular beady black eye
rises as if to say, “Hey, you baby, wanna?”
Object of introspection
lust subject to geometry
objectified by humanity
and knowing for once,
once and for all, what came first
chicken or egg
and why the snail crossed the road….
To fuck on the other side?

Now it's time for a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, some fresh halibut, a big bowl of popcorn and some green porn:

And speaking of green, thank you to the lovely Emerald for a moving F-Stop Post!

ps -- I heart Portland! Last night we went to "Inviting Desire" -- an amazing sex-positive performance in a great little theater hidden down by the railroad tracks in the good old industrial section of the northside. The vibrancy and energy of these women is amazing. The creator, Eleanor, is a powerful force!


Craig Sorensen said...

Great poems, BAK and Gina! Thanks for inviting me into your world again.

I've seen some of Isabella's green porno, fun stuff.

We had a lot of rain this weekend, but it's supposed to clear out today, so I'm planning to do a little playing myself...

Gina Marie said...

Thank you, thank you Craig. I really want all of those amazing costumes that they make for the green porno -- aren't those great?

No such luck for us -- rain all week long. I can't believe I'm still wearing winter clothes to work! Nutzo :-)

BadAssKona said...

Fly agaric, Amanita muscaria. Poisonous. "This mushroom is called the Fly Agaric because it has been used, mixed in milk, to stupify houseflies."

Which makes one ponder...WHY "stupify" houseflies? Aren't they stupid enough??

I love exploring the world with YOU!!

Gina Marie said...

Are houseflies stupid? They make people run around swatting at their dirty, hairy behinds, when we should be swatting at each other's behinds! I LOVE exploring the world with my poof-thonged BadAss! Can't wait 'till the next adventure!