Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Punchin' the horn, punchin' the clown

Burn it down

Once, it was an old barn on the way to the nudist camp way out in the middle of nothing. The falling down place stood out there on the plain shouting, “Come inside and breathe me alive! Burn me to the ground, why don’t you?” The old places out here are like that. They shout at you, hollering above the wind. Down along the winding road past the hardwoods nursery, old bleached cow bones sprawled about the purple-flowered meadow grass. Dead and gone. Shot right through the head and never you mind. The grass stained red is green again and so we blow past, laughing and sipping on a bottle of sweet 80 proof. Whiskey for the right-minded, it’s all just hooch and hoochie coochie to us.

The truck rattles on and a pair of dust goggles flies off the rearview mirror. I look in that rearview mirror and it’s nothing but spreads & skies for hundreds of miles. Behind us, ahead of us, inside of us. Sunshine and scrub as far as the eyes can see. Vistas upon mesas upon mountains upon valleys upon lilies upon fields upon forests upon faces upon fannies upon…..you name it. Everything is up and big and has it going on.

So this old barn, well….we slipped on in there and stripped down. A perfect photo opportunity. A chance at redemption, as they say in Graceland. We even made a little movie. You know, for old time’s sake. Show the grandkids someday. NOT!

Down along the road to Boise there’s a special tree. Hang on for the ride of your lives, ladies! It’s a fine time to leave me Lucille! The juniper oil clings to your hair while you ride that branch on the before, during & after, arms raised in a perfect hallelujia. It’s a beautiful thing. He said so himself. And I’m not talking about “him” but the branch. Amen, brutha, Amen and glory be!

Down along the interstate, a trucker punches his horn while I punch the clown, legs spread, cowboy hat on, windows and sunroof down. God, it’s good to be free. Nothing much to look at when you’re clicking at 70 mph, but I guess it was enough for that horny motherfucker.

Once, I made him cum at high speeds, on my knees in the passenger seat, head bobbing along like fishing tackle while he navigated the tight curves, toes curling against the gas pedal and brake. He hollered so loud, he caused a rockslide. As I looked behind us, cum dripping down my chin, boulders crashed over the highway, rock dust billowing into the air. We sped away, naked, alone, parched and quenched, singing a happy tune and on the lookout for the next chance to burn it to the ground, all blow and hooch and the righteous hoochie cooch.

Photo: http://realprincess.tumblr.com/


BadAssKona said...

LOL!!! So fucking, awesomely, fuckity fuck, fucking A, fuck-me-harder-and-longer sexy!!! ROAD TRIP!!!! We're on it, baby, for a longlonglong and deepdeepdeep and pussy-bangin' time! Grab that limb and take it!

Craig Sorensen said...

There are those who say those long stretches of highway across the deserts of eastern Oregon and southern Idaho are boring.

I daresay you've presented a compelling argument to the contrary.

Verification word: wanis

"When you wanis, you go getis."

Marc Nobbs said...

I loved this. Just loved it.

Gina Marie said...

BAK!!! Nice avatar!

Hi Craig, there are actually roadside attractions everwhere out there. It's just that nobody else seems to know about them, thank goodness.

Hi Marc, thanks so much for stopping by. I'm looking forward to checking out your blogs.

Full speed ahead -- it's road trip season!