Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Billy

I wrote a lot of fiction before I could ever understand what writers meant when they became attached to a character.

Then, a couple of years ago, Billy Chen-Wing popped into my head and we've been tight ever since.

The first time I imagined him, he was sitting in a bubble tea shop in San Diego, shooting tapioca balls into the air through the straw and catching them in his mouth. Another time, he fucked a girl silly in a sea cave beneath the fiery glow of a road flare. Those scenes never made it into the story, but I'll tell you, Billy's a real character. He goofs off a lot. He'll never grow up. He sings and hums. And he loves to feel things. I loved the idea of a grownup with childlike exuberance, but who is also very sexual and sensual. So Billy traipsed about in my brain and finally came to being on the page in this strange story, parts of which have been on my blog when I was taste-testing it. On a whim, I entered the final version into the Clean Sheets "Tipping Point" contest. It won third place! I was shocked and delighted, especially because the story, while sensual, has no actual sex in it and hardly even any body parts. I wasn't sure if it would ever be published, and honestly, I didn't care too much.

I have since come to wonder if this story is kind of like dreaming up your own existence, because my life today smells like oranges, looks like kites over the sea, feels like Billy's laugh sounds, and sounds like his poetry tastes. The sensuality expressed in this story is full of my own deep longing. But when I wrote it, I didn't have a clue, at least not consciously so.

So here it is -- over at Clean Sheets. The Tipping Point of Laughter. By Me!

Thank you, most especially, to my My Real Life Billy.....for so much laughing, exploring, writing, and playing. I've lived at least a few hundred years in the past few months. Thank you to all of you naughty writers out there who understand that creativity, in all of its amazing forms, is like breathing to some people. It's not a want, but a need. When you're a creative person life can be so sad without that kind of understanding.

Thank you also to to the judges at Clean Sheets for what feels to me, like some kind of happy little miracle.


Erobintica said...

Congrats! Champagne corks flying! Much merriment! Yay!

Erobintica said...

What a lovely story (just read it).

Gina Marie said...

Yay! Thanks so much, Robin. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Get stuff sent to Seattle yet?

Craig Sorensen said...

Of course! I remember Billy, and you sharing some of your writings about him on your blog along with lovely T'ang poetry.

I'm very happy to have been along for the ride on this one, and I'm so glad you finished it.

There is nothing finer than that story you write where you say "I don't give a shit if anyone else likes it. I love it!" I mean, really, that's the essence of Billy, wouldn't you say?

Let's share a toast with the moon.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, our Gina! I hoped the secret surprise was something like this. I am so, so happy to see you and your Billy in the laughing limelight, where you both belong.

Big, boisterous congratulations!!

Gina Marie said...

That's definitely the essence of Billy, Craig. I'm glad I finished it, too.

Jeremy, congrats from the King of Laughing himself means a ton!

Shanna Germain said...

Woowoowwoow! Go, baby, go!

I love ya, and yer Billy too! :)

Hugs, s.

ps -- my word is wholde. hhehehehe

Erobintica said...

not yet not yet! (tis a good thing they moved the deadline

hahaha - my word is ...


says it all

Gina Marie said...

Thanks, Shanna! Hugs and skinny dips to you!

Go get 'em, Robin!