Saturday, February 27, 2010

slippery when wet

Random thoughts on a beautiful, lazy Saturday afternoon.....

I like to roll words and phrases around in my mouth. Suck on them a little. Lick at them around the edges. Make sure the flavors are right. Squishy mud, for instance, is one of the tastiest things there is. Tomatoes are not wet, they are juicy or slippery. The air is not humid, it is moist. Water doesn't leak or drip from the pipe, it spurts, sometimes squirts. Sassafras tastes like summertime on my tongue. Sassssssafras. Mitochondria are the engine of our cells. They make us go. And they have their own DNA. Their own DNA! They are from stardust. They are thought to be from ancient bacteria. They like it when we eat spinach and laugh a lot. The first big road trip of the year is coming up in April. It made me long for those desert mudholes.

I'm not sure if I can share/post the actual image yet, but the photo that won at Seattle is freaking hilarious. OMG, I can't wait to share! It's one of my favorite photos ever. I'm so thrilled that it is the one. A recent Gallup poll revealed that 44% of Americans believe "God" created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years. Well ain't that just scarier than shit?

The trees are all in bloom. I finally have a clothesline and dried my first towels last weekend. That smell of line-dried fabric makes me wet. And nipples make such a great, handy place to keep the clothespins whilst doing the wash.


Craig Sorensen said...

The blooming of the trees is still a few weeks away around here, and can't come too soon. It's been quite a winter here.

Love to hear about your rolling words and phrases. I am similarly inclined.

However, what caught my eye most was this:

Water doesn't leak or drip from the pipe, it spurts, sometimes squirts.


Have you heard something about my recent "home improvement" exploits Gina?

Gina Marie said...

Hi Craig,

That's so funny. I saw something about a flooding kitchen, but didn't scroll down to find out what the context was. Guess I'll have to take a gander.

spamword: gatuni. Yum!

BadAssKona said...
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Gina Marie said...

Hmmmm....I just see the word "flood" which could also be a gusher or splooge or deluge.

Maybe the story is around the corner?

spamword: dothigag. one of my faves

Craig Sorensen said...

Perhaps! ;-)

Verification word: scerkw

I think that says it all!

BadAssKona said...

If you stand back and look at what appears to be chaos, it takes on a certain order.... I love your mind!!

WV: "prenas"
Def: The years before the "nas" years...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Might o' chondria!!

Spamword: gynably

Erobintica said...

!!!!!! I cannot wait - though I'll have to I guess. How exciting!

I missed this over the weekend - was off gallivanting in NYC with my friend.

And yeah - to think that that many people believe that - yup, scarier than shit.

All that mud has the geologist in me is wondering about what they'll think in the future of fossil Gina and BAK prints.