Sunday, February 21, 2010

Passing your own wet test

"My first foray into public erotic expression was not a story at all. Yet when I walked into the photography studio in Los Altos, California carrying a bag of lingerie, I felt just as tingly as I do when I’m writing a scene that passes my own wet test."

--Donna George Storey, at F Stop, Expose the Naked I

Erotic or not, exposure often leads to story and vice versa, with characters and beginnings, middles, and ends, twists and turns, plots and plottings.

The lens and its rapture, opening and closing like a rare flower, capturing light and illuminating existance, is the teller of tales.

Spreading oneself open before the camera can be such a freeing experience, whether or not it is erotic. And when it is erotic, it is wildly so.

Opening oneself to experience can also be an incredibly freeing experience, whether or not it is erotic. And when it is erotic.....well, existence can be transformed, in the most amazing, delicious ways, forever.

Check out Clean Sheets this week -- my story, "Into the Lens" will be posted. I hope it inspires, if nothing else, a little sheet-twisting moisture and focused introspection into the lens of a pleasurable existence.

-ps -- I'm also very excited to have received notification by the fine folks in Seattle that at least one of my photos was selected for the show! Woop woop! Drinking to that!

pps -- kisses and love to you, beautiful man. thank you for the everything and the ever after.


Craig Sorensen said...

Donna's post at F-stop was excellent.

I'm looking forward to reading your story at CS and congrats on your acceptance into the Seattle show!

neve black said...

Congratulations, chica!

Woot-Woot is right!

Erobintica said...

omg! congrats! SEAF! Yay! (am still trying to get my poems done and in - Gina - start nagging me!)

and I love the writing here - 'tis true 'tis true

BadAssKona said...

The true colors of a bird's wings are seen, only, when those wings are open...

WV: "hentro"
Def: How to introduce your chicken at a party

Gina Marie said...

Thanks Craig!! I love the concept of F-stop and the stories are wonderful -- so rich and brave.

Seattle road trip! We have some writing entered too...fingers crossed!

Thanks lovely Neve. Doing the happy woot-woot dance!

Robin -- OK, let the nagging begin! Get off yer ass, girlfriend!

BAK, 'tis true. And spreading wings feels so furking good, too. Before I can introduce your chicken, I need to know her name.

Thanks so much y'all! And spring is right around the corner, too! This is almost more excitment than I can stand!