Friday, January 15, 2010

Spank Me

Vintage spanking pics here


I got the fever. Spring fever, that is. Damn, it's still January. Too bad for me. I need a 'tude adjustment. Spank me. Klonk me over the head. Put me back to bed. Spank me again. Ply me with something that burns as it goes down.

Until the mysterious orb returns, it's all about polar bear swims, big bowls of buttery popcorn, down comforters, hard core Scrabble, and big ol' attitude adjustments.

It's a great time to write and submit and bend over, yes? A good time to set goals. A great time to ponder. A wonderful time to stare at the cold, grey sky and watch the rain come down. The other day the weather lady actually said this: "You'll have your best chance to see rain this weekend along the coast." BAK said, "Oh look, I think I see a raindrop. Should we get the binoculars?" Seriously, the weather people here are so freaking weird. There are at least seven different kind of drizzle! We don't need help finding rain!

Fuck, I'm a whiny brat. Spank me again....and make me one of these: Spring Fever Cocktail

I'm not quite up to my January goal of a-submission-a-day, but maybe I'll get caught up this weekend.

Daisy James sent a few out, though, including a sexy piece about a warm, sunny day and a fast ride in a convertible.

Here's an excerpt:

Sunday Drive
by Daisy J.

"Marie was nearly in a frenzy as we started to decelerate. A patch of pre-cum spread across the front of my shorts. When we rolled to a stop next to the van full of cheering young studs, Marie raised her hips off of the seat so the appreciative audience could get a full shot of that nine-inch tool pistoning in and out of her sopping cunt. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I licked my fingers, reached over and rubbed her screaming clit furiously. That was all my little exhibitionist could stand. Her body arched like a bow, her smooth belly and jiggling nipples jutting to the sky. Her cries of pleasure drowned out the cheers of the crowd in the van.

She thrashed and bucked and tore at the seat until the waves of her orgasm started to subside and, as we turned right and headed out of town, she melted into the seat, whimpering, legs still splayed in desire. She dipped her fingers into her flowing hole and gathered her nectar. Over and over, she anointed my face with the essence of her desire, while her hand cradled my aching balls in her other hand. The smell of her, alone, almost made me spill."


BadAssKona said...

Ahhhh....Here's to the twisted minds of Daisy James, to raindrops on nipples and warm fuzzy kittens; just few of my favorite things.

WV: "futvyrel"
Def: When photographs of sexy German feet are gazed at by millions, on the net

Jeremy Edwards said...

Go, Daisy, go!

I think my very favorite part is this:

she melted into the seat, whimpering, legs still splayed in desire

She really puts the "glow" in "afterglow"!

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