Monday, November 30, 2009

Whole-body perceiving machines

There was a time in my life when I wanted to eat rocks for breakfast and drink the sky as if it were a mug of something good, topped with a dollop of clouds. I wanted to stuff myself with ferns and suck on ice from frozen creeks to quench my thirst. All of that seemed so much more satisfying than food.....or heartbreak. And without the touch of human hands on my skin to keep me grounded, I turned to nature for sustenance. Then the sun came out and stayed high in the sky. Now I have the earth and the salt of the earth, and warm hands on my body at night. I have kisses and dancing, art, science, a real live boy of my own dreaming, and not even the sky's the limit. There are no limits.

Getting um, frisky in the great outdoors may not be your thing, but for me, feeling the rush of warm wind against my skin, running along a sandy beach with nothing between me and the sky but sky, and howling at the sun on a deserted sun-baked high desert plateau is about as close to heaven as this bad girl will ever get.

Thank you to Ms. Shannalicious Germain and her brilliant creation, Mind Fuck -- for publishing my collection of sensual stories, "Opening Eden: Fucking in the Weeds and Other Tales from Paradise." Woo-hoo! Thank you to my beautiful BAK for inspiration, encouragement, and big, huge love. Special thanks also to my "brothers in crime," Craig Sorensen and Jeremy Edwards for suggesting ever so sweetly that I get off my ass and publish some smut.

Now get outside and make some noise!

ps -- I may not be all that crazy, for this sensual life I believe in and need so deeply.
Check out this fascinating story from NPR and the journal Nature about the relationship between listening and touch: Sense of Touch Can Help Hearing -- "From my point of view we are whole-body perceiving machines."


neve black said...


English translation: Congratulations!

Emerald said...

Congratulations, Gina!!!

BadAssKona said...

The puff of wind from your lips will brush my skin and help me hear your heart

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm proud, and glad that you did it.

Love the image of feasting on ferns; very T'ang.

And, by the way, I did purchase my copy this weekend. I've been a little occupied, but should get to reading it by the end of the week. I want to be able savor.

Cheers little sis. You rock!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Nature is very lucky to have you, kiddo. We all are!

Gina Marie said...

Thanks so much, Neve! Let's Tango!

Hi Emerald, you're the best. I'm filling my pickle jar with desert rocks and thinking of you :-)

BAK -- my heart has lots to say, ya know!!!

Craig -- you western T'ang rockstar -- you're awesome!

Sometimes it is good to mess around with Mother Nature, eh Jeremy!

Thanks so much all. Now.....I need to figure out how else to get this little e-bookie-thingy out in the world!

Anonymous said...


Did I understand it right?
You're unpublished? Virgin to printed page?
Lord! You sound absolutely fresh like drops of dew in nature. Someone devoid of cliché in the porn world has never published? Hah!The world is made of contradictions all right.

Found you amazingly full of personality and devoid of pretension.
You score high.