Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'd be a good animal

Seasonal Dis-affected Disorder
--by Fainting Goat

The air smells clean and sharp like minerals, tastes like new snow eaten from a mitten. I can hear cars up on the road above the river, but we are alone down here in the firs and hardwoods. Wet ferns are brushing my fingertips. I touch them back, wanting. Always wanting. I wish I knew what season it is, but I have no idea. My breath is coming out in little puffs while he fingers my waist band and reaches down the back of my jeans to squeeze my ass. But the sun is warm on my face and heats a little triangle on my chest that is exposed when my boy reaches inside my silk thermal shirt to pinch a hard nipple. The moss is bright green. The leaves are gold, bronze and yellow. A little snow has dusted the distant hills. It could be autumn, or maybe it’s spring. I don’t care. It’s not raining. I am outside and the river is singing as it curls around the bend and froths and pools against basalt boulders.

We were driving along looking for mushrooms, drinking wine and eating pork rinds when he yelled, “fuck stop!” Of course I yelled back, “fuck yeah!” and we headed off through the trees.

There is a shotgun blast in the distance. It excites me for some reason. Bear season? Deer season? I imagine myself playing a game where I am running naked through the woods. Running away from hunters. Playing hide-and-seek for real, following the deer trails high into the mountains and bleeding a little onto the snow to throw them off. I’d be a good animal.

“You are an animal,” my boy says, licking at my earlobe and unzipping my pants, his warm fingers probing deep inside. “A very, very good animal.” I hear a fish jump in one of the pools nearby. I can see the ring of ripples out of the corner of my mind and their glossy, smooth humps excite me. “What kind?” I ask, taking his balls in my hand through his faded denim and holding them tight in my fist. “A fucking beast,” he says, “A horny little fucking beast. An excitable little fainting goat.”

The word goat – fuck! That makes me horny. Like the sound of a fish jumping and the smell of snow-chilled air and yellow leaves and river currents. But a fainting goat? Ummmm. My pants are now around my ankles and my silk thermal leggings are now halfway down my ass. A sunbeam is warming the edge of my thigh, but my nipples are as cold and hard as rock hammers. He is kissing me gently while telling this tall tale of excitable fainting fucking beast horny goats while rubbing my clit. Steam is puffing from my mouth. Another car rolls down the road. A cold breeze flutters the leaves and ruffles the water. Another shotgun blast and a couple of ducks take off from the shore. His face is between my legs. I am arched against the base of an ancient moss-covered oak. There are oak galls scattered everywhere. They are the most beautiful found objects. I want to gather them up and store them for winter. My boy lifts his face from my wet crotch, his lips and the tip of his nose shiny with cum. “You are a very good animal,” he says. “Good for eating.” Then he chops me up and makes a stew out of me right there against that tree.

Then he spins me around and takes me from behind. His cock is hot and hard. My face is pressed against the damp moss of the tree trunk. A squirrel crouches on a fir branch and chatters. His strong hands are gripping my hips while he pumps wildly into me. In my mind, I am running naked through the woods. I am a very good animal. We are crashing through the trees, scratched and bleeding from the branches and thorns. He is moaning as he pumps me fiercely. Little bits of moss are clinging to my lips and it turns me on. His hands, his hot cock, the river, the sunbeam on my neck, the smell of his skin. He cums hard, pulsing against me, screaming. The poor oak shudders and a couple of galls fall to the ground. This makes me want it all over again, of course, the galls falling like that.

We rearrange our fabric and head up the hill. My crotch is sloshing with every step. From the road, I look down towards the river and spot the tall oak. I can see a patch of matted ferns where we were very bad animals. Somebody had a nice view. This, of course, makes me wet all over again. I look over at him and the boy is grinning, having just realized the same thing. The sun angling through branches makes me want to spin. What time of year is it, anyway?
  • Coming soon! MindFuck fiction fun -- "Opening Eden," my collection of outdoor adventure stories. Truly, I sent the thing in for real. MindFuck is brilliant -- thank you Ms. Germain!
  • Also working with BAK on submitting some sweet smut to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Here are the guidelines if you're interested:
  • LOVE this site -- it's interesting, literary and beautiful. This month's issue: "How we reach altered states through sexual play." Ooooh! Too bad I can only afford to read the headlines ;-)


Erobintica said...

If you and BAK make it into SEAF, maybe I'll try to get out to visit my daughter in Seattle next year when it's happening. That would be cool.

neve black said...

Love the author of this piece. :-)

Great on the MindFiction outdoor pieces. That sounds wonderful, amazing and very animalistic.

Cool on the joint projects for Seattle's Erotic Art Festival. Very cool, sweetie.

You sound happy and healthy and that makes me happy.

Gina Marie said...

Oh wow, Robin! That would be so very, very cool! Even if we don't make it in, it would be a fun time/place to meet up.

Hi Neve, happy and healthy indeed! And having lots of fun. Yeah!

Craig Sorensen said...

Freaking awesome!

I'll leave it to my verification word to fill in the blank:


Yeah, that works.

BadAssKona said...

If I was polite and academic, I'd just observe that this piece is very evocative and sensual. But, I'm none of the above; I just got a hard-on.....

WV: "sinco"
Def. Our secret corporation

Jeremy Edwards said...

Fainting Goat, your writing makes me swoon!

Erobintica said...

BAK - that made me burst out laughing - thank you for a smile on a day that's been otherwise lousy

well, duh, Gina - it would be cool to meet up anytime - but I'd sure like to make it to SEAF (read about it this year).

Gina Marie said...

Freaking thanks, Craig! Jeremy! Join the swoonfest, woooo-hoooo!!!!

Heya hiya Robin, BAK has such a way with words, doesn't he? Hehehehe. Too much fun.

Happy weekend to y'all!!!