Saturday, October 10, 2009

Submit, dammit!

On your knees, bitch!

Hey, I hijacked a computer! Meanwhile, I wrote an entire feature length film, er, short story, and no way, no how am I allowing myself to post it on the blog. Bad girl, bad girl! Must. Send. It. In. I have tied myself up and am being flogged into submission.

A snip:
Into the Lens

Suddenly, I am brought into the foreground when a thin, sharp tool slides across my skin. The sensation is slightly electric, both cool and hot, just painful enough to make me horny as hell. I imagine a blade or a key. I wonder if it is marking my skin. It burns and tingles. Electricity? His cock brushes my ass as he moves around me. Power. Muscle and bone. Animal. The sharp thing cuts patterns into my skin and scatters the colors across the ocean of my mind’s eye. Waves of light become water spouts and the electric intensity grows, connecting nerves from breast to ass to back to neck, lighting them up. The tool nears towards my swollen pussy and then….I can feel the photographer’s presence and hear the camera clicking near my thighs. My nipples are aching.

Coming technology allows: A new collection for Ms. Germain's Mind Fuck Fiction.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Yes, yes, shiny new story, get thee to a publication venue!

And I can't wait to see your MFF mffin!

Gina Marie said...

Hi Jeremy! Sent shiny off to Blowfish. Fingers and toes crossed! Mffin-A!!!