Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pointing us earthlings in the right direction

If you're not an earthling, who knows that effect the full moon tonight and a (Leo/Aquarius) lunar eclipse tomorrow night may mean for you. If you are alien, perhaps you will be pulled in the wrong direction, like towards the nearest McDonald's.

Tonight is the Sturgeon Moon, also known as the Green Corn Moon, officially and fully fat at 8:55 p.m. Eastern time. It will rise low in the sky, like a good summer moon does. I may not see it tonight if the clouds persist, but I'll be craning my neck around at dusk, just in case.

Astrologists say this full moon represents the heart, completion, culmination, and change, and that the eclipse acts as a catalyst, "pointing us earthlings in the right direction."

Not too sure about all that, but today is packing day. Tomorrow is moving day. And Friday is birthday. Maybe those skywatchers know a thing or two.

Look up, do a dance & soak up some moonbeams!

Sweet porch dreams

I dreamed I was in a harem
of one. Well, me and a thousand
fantasies, drifting on clouds
of silk into that purple space
between sleep and wake, moaning Chinese
chimes the encore to the King's lullabye.

Rising in the night, thirsty
I look down at your sleeping form
for the longest time, skin glazed
with soft lamplight, body stark
against blue cotton quilt
blanketed beneath thick summer air,
soft and vulnerable. Your form familiar yet so
exotic, a reality difficult to grasp,
even in the midnight hours.

Summer nights belong to us,
belong to the Us that lives more boldly,
more lavishly than We or You or Me.
Summer nights belong to the harem girl
and her king, to lullabyes, fantasies, and
moaning chimes, to summer moon and cosmic dust
and the most precious gift, time standing still.

Full moon photo: Mr. Moon at Deviant Art


BadAssKona said...

Here's to fat moons and the beauty of poetry and to summers full of earthly delight!

Erobintica said...

lovely poem Gina.

Donna said...

Oh, Gina, it's all lovely from photo to poem. Somehow just talking/reading about the moon and moon lore enchants me and calms me and fills me with silvery light.

Is Friday your birthday? I'll be on the road, but have a happy one.

Gina Marie said...

Yes! Cheers to all that, BAK, and to your amazing lullabyes :)

Thanks Robin -- poetry makes me nervous, but now and then I get the urge to put it out there.

Hi Donna!! I'm a sucker for that big old moon, every time. Friday is the big Four-One. It's all downhill from here! On the road! Gonna drive someplace naked? Woo-hoo! Thanks so much. Look up, look up!

Craig Sorensen said...

Well, I'll be out there checking that moon too. Always loved the moon (Chinese poet in me, I suppose.)

It's kind of hazy today, but hopefully it'll clear off in time.

As for: Friday is the big Four-One. It's all downhill from here!

I learned while running over hills in the Army (something I did a fair amount of,) the downward side is the good part.

And truly, it is.

With a verification word like coomboff, you know I'm speaking the truth.

neve black said...

We earthlings have had our share of eclipses lately, that's for sure. We just experienced a solar eclipse three weeks ago.

I've been really metamorphasizing this year. God, I hope I don't wake up and become a cockaroach. Oh, geeez!

It's no wonder your packing and moving - I did that too last month. Lots of changes, but change is good. Change is good.

Tingly and delicious poem, Gina.

Happy Birthday, Leo Girl!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Happy Packing Day, Moving Day, and Birth Day!

Happy Every Day!

Marina said...

And, I echo Jeremy - Happy Every Day!

Danielle said...

i m late..i know...still i ll bring only good coments for pics and poem..pretty pretty pretty is all the moonlover who is me can say..:-)

we have fullmoon too right now..and i dont know how it is in the usa but in germany its very common that people complain about that they cant sleep when the moon is in its full glory..

well..i can sleep when its full moon most of the time..but sometimes the moon gots me up..but then its not that i cant sleep but more like i dont want to..i wanna stray through the dark streets..leave the city behind..i wanna get rid of my shoes and shirts and disapear in the woods..dive into dark for company..another spirit wild at heart...

i discovered something new and interesting when i lived for a while on cuba...the first time when i ran along the niglty beaches i and looked up to the moon i saw that its sickle/crescent wasnt to the left or to the right like it is here in europe but upwards..piercing into the sky like horns/cornets ..

...and then again i think about all the time i spent down in the dirty nola where the full moon above the swamps was reddish in a almost violet sky...i m told its because of the swamp gases..still its so beautiful...

Erobintica said...

Gina, why does poetry make you nervous? You don't have to answer, just think about it. ;-)

And yes, happy everyday.

Gina Marie said...

Downsizing to the nth degree! Yes! Feels good. Like they say, cutting back leads to new growth.

Robin, I don't know why poetry makes me nervous. An instructor once told me that I use too many words. I don't trust my ability to feel the rhythm and I avoid reading them out loud. Silly, really. But I LOVE reading poetry, even the crazy stuff that makes absolutely no sense and enjoy reading others' poetry out loud, though I don't have that beautiful poet's cadence like Shannalicious does. So I keep trying. And hoping it feels more natural than my golf swing someday.

Happy Every day!!!

Diving into dark waters -- yes Danielle, yes!

Craig Sorensen said...

An instructor once told me that I use too many words. I don't trust my ability to feel the rhythm and I avoid reading them out loud.

I knew it was and instructor behind it. Your writing is so energetic. You are so gifted.

Writing is subjective, and instructors who try to tell you what is "right" in poetry are out of their element. The instructor's rhythm might have been wrong for you; this doesn't make your inner rhythm wrong.

Peel back those layers and forget what that instructor told you. Your poetic voice is beautiful.

Trust your instincts.