Thursday, August 27, 2009

Or Bust!

The Amelia Earhart sand goggles arrived! The platform boots with silver buckles are packed, along with three wigs, a bunch of really tiny skirts, duct tape, whiskey, grape soda, beef jerky, electrical tape, cowboy boots, a fringed leather belt, reflective tape, Daisy the rockin' red bicycle, peanuts, vodka, hula hoops, Arabian nights pillows, a roll of tapestry, frozen corn, SPAM, pirate bandanas, headlamps, and a truckload of other essentials, including a really fun, awesome guy willing to drive, naked and singing, all the way to Nevada and back.

I'm taking a blog vacation for the next week as we head out into the wild blue yonder for the Alvord Desert and the Burning Man festival.

There will be plenty to write about when we return, but until then, here's some soul food -- a sweet little dish that lifted me up and over a bump in the road the other day. Hot, simple, goodness. Garden fresh steamed buttered beets with salt and pepper. Pure love in a dish!

ps -- I'm working on a selection of stories for MindFuck Fiction that will have you running for the nearest meadow! Coming soon!

Top image -- Burning Man "Philosopher" found here.


BadAssKona said...

Don't forget the butter and the olive oil, the fried lamb and peanuts!

Word Ver. -- "poledne"
Def: What happened in NE Portland, about six months ago

Erobintica said...

we shall expect a complete report when you return so we call all experience it vicariously

I love your packing list!

Erobintica said...

wow, I can't type at this hour, obviously

can, not call

so we CAN all experience it vicariously

Craig Sorensen said...

Have a wonderful time (like you need me to tell you that.)

Gina Marie said...


A complete report, Robin, of course! With illustrations!

Hi Craig, thanks! Yes, yes, a wonderful time is a given, but I appreciate the sweet sentiment anyway.

Oh my goodness. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. How will I sit in a meeting this morning and not squirm and wiggle?

neve black said...

I'm sure you're having a ball - being all squirmy and wiggly. :-)

Danielle said...


are you still out there??? we miss you both teribly..:-)