Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do it to it

The temperature got up into the triple digits last week and without air conditioning it was HOT. Sweltering in my birthday suit on the leather couch, I looked up to see a beautiful man dangling the most perfect summertime treat over my face: An ice cold dill pickle. I will never forget being fed a cold pickle on a hot day.

Not too long ago BAK cooked up some lambchops with rosemary. They were small, thick chops. The fat around the edges was bubbling and perfectly browned, the meat juicy and done to perfection. He was naked in the kitchen, moving about easily, doing this, doing that. He doesn't clang pots and pans like I do. He never scorches. His portions are perfect. I read the New Yorker while he cooked. He delivered my plate and we ate stripped bare, white wine in pint glasses, on the floor. The rosemary infused lamb melted in my mouth and the love on my plate melted my heart.

Yep, BAK is VERY good in the kitchen and you won't be disappointed with his take on Rosemary at tomorrow's continuation of the Sunday Spice blog.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Hot times!
Pickle in the city
Rosemary lamb
And a pinot griggy

: )

neve black said...


Craig Sorensen said...

What a lovely birthday. I love lamb chops with rosemary. Yum!

Looking forward to BAK's offering tomorrow.

Danielle said...

hmmmm..:-) that sounds so good..:-)

somehow i never know if i wanna be the cooking one or the one who is cooked for...