Thursday, August 13, 2009

Come play with me

The weather is pissing me off. I love football. I love everything about it, watching and playing. A muddy, nasty, sweaty flag football game with the homies on Saturday morning is pure heaven. There's nothing like the sounds of a game and a party crowd and the kitchen table loaded with tailgate food. Better yet, a tailgate party at a big university (Go Ducks!) Nachos, lil' smokies, grilled brats, macaroni salad & homemade apple pie. Yum! Falling leaves, yes! Vineyard crushes, mmmm! Spiderwebs outlined with dew, so pretty! Artisan cheesemaking party in the buff, oh yeah! Fall is absolutely gorgeous and brilliant and fun and refreshing. But it's NOT autumn yet! Rain, rain, go away!

Thankfully, the sun and summer is expected to make a glorious return this weekend, which is critical since there is sand and olive oil and naked frisbee and much frolic in my future if the weather allows.

Just to make sure, here's a little something for the weather gods from the Alison Tyler contest archive. Some smut to keep fall at bay for just a little longer. Flannel and nuts. Girls and lust. Please? Pretty please? Just a little more summer? With a cherry on top?

Bushy fluff & goosedown

“The squirrels’ tails are extra bushy this year – just look at all that fluff.”

Lucy said this out loud while she walked arm-in-arm with Sasha to the café for their morning jolt.

“Yep,” Sasha said, kicking a rock off of the cracked sidewalk and the bushy fellow high-tailed it up a golden-leafed maple. “A fierce winter is on the way.”

“Is that why you’ve been crawling into bed all wrapped in flannel – all wrapped up like a Norwegian at sea?”

“Maybe. Our blankets are thin. I like to feel like I am inside of something. My dreams are cold and black and white without a wrapping. Read my dream journal if you’d like – my flannel dreams are all in color. I should be a goose.”

“Crawl inside of me – I’ll keep you warm.”

“Oh, you’re warm all right – but you’re like a hot flash. Burning hot, then cold. And snoring.”

“Skin against skin feels so good.”

“I agree. But I like my Technicolor dreams. I like to be tightly held.”

That night Sasha found their bed transformed. A thick down feather bed floated atop the mattress and was covered by a finely woven flannel sheet. Their pedestrian poly-fill pillows were replaced by enormous down beauties, cocooned in flannel. A down blanket and a down topper finished off the layer cake quality of the bed, piles of winter white meringue. Sasha shivered as Lucy slowly unbuttoned her flannel pajamas, the red ones with white stars, and flung her thick, wool socks to the corner. Lucy pulled back the top layers and nuzzled Sasha onto the feather bed, kissing her neck, wrapping her in soft skin, reaching, smiling at the soft, warm wetness between her legs.

“A pajama bed,” Lucy whispered as she kissed, inhaling the clean smell of new fabric and the perfume of their warm bodies, the soft cotton mounding up around them. “A pajama bed for two.”

Anywhere near Portland or Seattle on Sunday & Monday? Come out and play and listen to some good, hot lesbian smut....while the sun (fingers crossed) is still shining. I'll be reading from my contribution to Girl Crazy ("Road Trip", written as Kirsten Monroe) edited by Sacchi Green.

I am so looking forward to meeting D.L. King who will be here in PDX and in Seattle! D.L. is promoting her book Where the Girls Are, along with Sacchi Green's Girl Crazy and Lesbian Cowboys. Yeeee-hawwww!

Here's the scoop!!!

Sunday 8/16 @ 2pm
The Q Center
4115 N. Mississippi Avenue

Monday 8/17 @ 7pm
Center for Sex Positive Culture
1602 15th Avenue

Top Photo: Me in my mullet wig, writing on the "bathroom wall" at a recent redneck/cocktail making competition known as the "Cockoff."


Craig Sorensen said...

I'm sorry I won't be in the area for these readings; I'd love to be a part of them!

That story is absolutely beautiful and smoldering.

Double yum.

PS, you kick ass in the mullet wig.

Erobintica said...

Yup, wish I could be there too. Have fun!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yay, the "pajama bed" story!!

Have a great, great time this weekend! You're going to delight them all with your primo literary electricity and your fabulously exuberant personality. Go go go! And the primo and fabulous DLK—woohoo!

Video? Pretty please??

BadAssKona said...

Started out reading this with my jammies on, then all hell broke loose.... :-)

Word Verification -- "untspro"
Def.: A professional unts

neve black said...

Oh, damn! Why so far away? I wish we all lived within walking distance from each other and these fabulous, shouldn't be missed events. I'm there with you in spirit.

Knock em' dead, sugar-pie! Love that wig, grrrl.

Emerald said...

What a lovely story!! Thanks for sharing that.

Have a delightful time at your readings, Gina!

Gina Marie said...

Hi Craig! Thank you and double thank you. I do wish everyone was out here for the readings. That would be so fun. I do love that mullet wig :)

Thanks Robin -- sounded like the bunch of you had a great time last weekend!

Silk pajamas for you, Jeremy! I will channel you for confidence and dazzleness. Video? Perhaps -- not sure what all is goin' down!

BAK -- oh, you can make a movie! I'd like to see all hell break your jammies loose. Too bad I missed that one :)

Neve -- I know, we should really all live in blogland, don't you think...or maybe Smutville. Love it when you call me sugar pie!

Thanks Emerald -- it will be an adventure. Only the second time I've read smut at an "event."

Thanks so much Y'all! Back later with a detailed report from the road.

Shanna Germain said...

Damn it! I can't believe I'm missing your reading!! :(


you'll have to have another :)

Missing you, s.