Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, why the hell not?

There's this funny thing about real life and blog life.....the funny thing being that it's really all just life. So hop in the car and come along for the ride. I haven't written much lately -- life is a little crazy and a lotta fun, so here's a bit of reality until the fiction gets cranked up again.

Hell's bells, might as well let it all hang out. Here's Gina Marie & BadAssKona on a crazy road trip. 4,000 naked miles this year....and we haven't even gone to Burning Man yet. Holey Kamoley. Sing along! Yeeee-haaaaw!


Donna said...

You guys are kinda like naked Jack Kerouacs! I'll be Burning Man is going to be incandescent ;-).

Thanks for the notes from the road.

Marina said...

You guys are just so cute and wonderful together - makes me smile!!! Thanks for sharing the ride!

Erobintica said...

Yes. Why the hell not? As I say/can't wait to wear - Fuck Shame!

Tis a most adorable video. :-)

haha my spamword is


- rockl on!

Danielle said...

i so love that video..seems like you guys have a wonderful time..thanx for sharing it with us...

never been to burning man..even though i kinda wnat to since i read about it the first time when i*..14?????

spam word is forril..for real i wish i could be there..hehe*

BadAssKona said...

No secret, I love this woman beyond the depths of my soul!

Gina Marie said...

You are all so great. Thanks for hitting the open road with us.

Love you to the marrow, BAK, pinkie swear.

I wish you could all come to Burning Man. What a meeting of the dirty minds that would be!

Jeremy Edwards said...

This is so, so awesome! All of it. With extra awesome sauce!!

BTW, as I was watching the video, it started raining loudly here. So the "audience participation" part of "Have You Ever Heard the Rain" was a big "YES, I HAVE!" from my corner.

Craig Sorensen said...


Burn that road up, you two!

We'll keep the home fires burning...

neve black said...

I had left a comment here yesterday, but I was having technical difficulties, so it appears it didn't appear:

It went something like this:

"...this funny think about life and blog life...the funny thing being that it's really all just life...."

I want that as a mouse pad, Gina Marie!

Your video with BAK is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing. You both look so happy and full of spirit and life. Rock on with your joyful, beautiful self!

Gina Marie said...

Oh how I love a road trip!!! Thanks Neve - you want that on a mouse pad? You got that on a mouse pad! Watch your mail. Love ya!

Smut Girl said...

that is fantastic. so-- just-- happy for you and envious and god, that looked fun :) yay you guys
hey, my word is mortion. more motion? maybe something we all need in life. ;) cheers!