Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am so excited about Craig's upcoming Sunday spice blog tomorrow (pepper!) that it made me incredibly hungry. Thinking about pepper made me think about MEAT. Big fire-roasted platters of it, spiced with fine, exotic, freshly ground pepper and fresh herbs. I couldn't control my urges and went running down to the fridge in a frenzy, pulling a package of pork ribs from the fridge and taking advantage of it. The recipe is simple, the results fantastic, and the satisfaction such a relief. Ribs, peppercorns, cloves, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, basil, catalina dressing. A tall glass of whiskey over ice. Jasmine rice. Fresh cherries. Now I might make it until tomorrow.
The pepper frenzy made me hungry for other things too.

Boned Pt. 2
(Pt. one here)

--G. Marie

Meat. Breathing in the salty smell of perspiration beading on his chest, licking a tiny, irrisistable patch of skin with the tip of my tongue, all I could think about was meat. Raw and thick. Cut from the bone. Freshly killed. Still warm, metal and paint like the mineral burn and blur of blood on my lower lip, where I’ve torn it with my own teeth. Cooked over mesquite coals beneath the spinning sky. Sprinkled with salt from our dried sweat and spiced with pepper we've ground from our own lust.

The buzzard circled lower. A crow cocked his shiny eye at me from the crooked branch of a twisty trunked willow. A grain of sand stung the corner of my eye. I left it there. My tears would release it later.

Wind whipping our hair, the scent of sage and hot skin causing us to drool into one another’s eyes like starving canines, we talked excitedly about our discovery, this perfect hillside that we will claim as ours until it is gone, covered in ice or lava or split in two by the shaking earth, how it’s like we’re the only humans left, and how maybe we really are. There were no signs of any other humanoids, not living ones anyway. I imagined the soot of ancient cooking fires beneath my feet and the thick, oily smell of ancient lust that is now part of the fossil record, invisible to the naked eye but there, soaked into porous, volcanic stone, soaked up by root and stem, and returned to us in the breathing of leaves.

After we spread the blanket, the wind sent it rippling like a white sail on the Nile before we set it down behind the shelter of an outcropping. Adam walked slowly around me, brushing a sweet, shiny mixture of olive oil, coffee and cum onto my already brown skin. His hands smoothed the dark oil over my back, ass, shoulders, thighs, neck. Then his fingers circled like scorpions, tails lifted, towards my thighs, grazed my butt, and nuzzled for a moment, in the soft, soul-searching arc that is the small of my back. They dipped lower, knuckles curling them into hooks that slid and gripped easily into my cracked earth. Adam cradled my tiny pussy in the center of his hand and held me there, tight against him, tight against his tree of knowledge, the beckoning snake his cock, not some voice in the wilderness.

Flesh. He is taking me now, feeding on me while the crow looks on, nodding in approval. We are a tangle of limbs, branches dripping with sweat. Adam is rock and bone, sinew and unspoken words slithering across my naked flesh. I am falling into the black hole sun, his hands spinning gold out of my exposure, sucking on my clit like a little cock, mouthing it hungrily as he would his own, if he could. His hand goes deeper and my body is no longer my own, legs flailing into the sky. Then he retreats and teases me without mercy, his tongue a red flame against my thighs, my arched back, my belly, my breasts. The black sun gives way to pulsing, orange light then gives way to a brilliant, painted landscape of red rocks and stone cathedrals framed by a cobalt sky. Clouds no longer exist in my universe.

Blood. Spiked through the heart so I may live again, I cry against the rocks, pleading. “Do you want to come now?” His voice is low and rough, the cool, hard spawning gravel of the nearby creek. “Do you want to come?” I am skinned and boned, filleted and bleeding on the naked earth. I am every woman who has ever wanted… be wanted. I am exposed and caressed. I am twisting beneath the feather-tipped knife, becoming desperate for release, pleading like an animal. “Yes, yes,” I scream. “Please! Oh God, please.”

“Don’t ask God for help,” he laughs darkly. “There is no God here, only this.” He pounds his fist furiously deep into the center of my molten core, sending my legs flying over the cliff. I soar unencumbered by my wingless body and fly in and out of red rock arches before rocketing back to earth, bursting through the atmosphere with an animal wailing that cannot possibly be my own. I am crying and thrashing, alligator tears of toy splashing salt spray onto rock and skin, pure pleasure taking over my entire being. My release is a tsunami wave destroying everything in it’s path. Everything but sanity and love.

Now I know what will become of me in this place. And who will hear my screams. And I can’t wait to kick the boy’s ass at naked Scrabble again next weekend.


Shanna Germain said...

Such gorgeous, gorgeous stuff, lady!

I miss you! Can we play naked boggle?!?!

Gina Marie said...

Miss you Shannalicious! I'll play naked "whateverthefuckshannaliciouswants" anytime, anyplace. And I do LOVE Boggle!

Danielle de Santiago said...

i m too much of a gentleman to post anything about the two previous comments..:-P

well done miss gina, well done..:-)

neve black said...

Scrumptiously delicious, Gina.

Craig Sorensen said...

Damn that's hot! Wow!

Craig Sorensen said...

And thanks for the mention, too! See you there, you festive crazy woman Love the masthead image.

Verification word: fastrapp.

Don't fall into a fastrapp on your way over.

Gina Marie said...

Danielle, you should never be too much of a gentleman here! I even let people put their elbows on Aphrodite's Table.

Hi Neve, did you know that scrumptious is one of my favorite words ever? Thank you!

Thanks Craig!!! Did you know that "Damn that's hot" is one of my favorite phrases ever? I the one setting the fastrapps, so I think I'll be long as I remember where I put them all! Love the peppery goodness over at your place!

Danielle de Santiago said... first thought was " ladies..i bring the wine and you bring the nakedness, pardon, boogle"..:-)

Gina Marie said...

Boogle the night away!

Danielle de Santiago said...

better boogle..because no one wants to see when i bring

before shannamentioned it in her blog i never heared of boogle...but i m a bloody good maybe i m a good boogler too?

BadAssKona said...

Boggle, Scrabble, Poker, Yahtzee, Golf....the outcome is always the same (and wonderfully so!)

Danielle de Santiago said...

@ bak

that gives me hope..:-)

spam-word is "bingo"..from letters to numbers..funny

Gina Marie said...

My family plays a yard game called Monkey Balls. No letters or numbers! Scrabble will always be my favorite.....but actually it's the competition and choosing punishments for the loser that makes any game exciting.

Danielle de Santiago said...

dont say competition..i loveee competition and my friends and family hates me for always fight to win..:-)