Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Craig!

Happy belated Birthday to one cool Crab -- the amazing Craig Sorensen.

A year ago the "Pillow Talk" piece GAS by Craig was published at Clean Sheets and I was blown away by it. I hope you made a million wishes, Craig! And may they all come true, filling the sky with light.

I took this photo of the little crab today in a tidepool at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and thought about my son, also a crab sign (cancer) who is turning 14 next week and loves nothing more than to slip on his headphones and zone out with his electric guitar, and Craig -- a riff & rhythm section all his own.

GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)
Clean Sheets, July 2008
by Craig Sorensen

I suppose Melissa will be pissed when she reads this "kiss and tell" thing, but this isn't about sex, right? It's about music. And since the band is recording again, we play fewer shows. We aren't getting any younger, so we have to organize better. The critics said the last album was our best. Wait until they hear the one we're working on now! We don't make as much money, that's the sign of the times, but all that time in the studio, not just playing the same tunes night after night, is paying off. And we're making enough to keep in the music.
And here's the moral of the story.

Hey. I heard that snicker. Even rockers have morals!


Craig Sorensen said...

Aw, Gina, you're a sweetheart.

Thank you.

And a Happy Birthday to your rocking son!

Danielle de Santiago said...

happy b day craig:-)

no b day wishes for your son yet..brings bad luck when you do that too early...

and again..i love your pics gina..tell me,,,what camera doy ou use?

Craig Sorensen said...

Thank you, Danielle!

Though I'm not superstitious, best not to tempt the fates, so please reserve that birthday wish for your son to the appropriate time, Gina. ;-)

Danielle de Santiago said...

i wish i could say that i m not superstitious either..sigh*..its a latin thing i fear..:-)

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, belatedly, Craig. And you get your own birthday card illustrated by an amazing photographer.

Have any good recipes for crab, GM?

Gina Marie said...

Hey Craig, you're welcome! You're the coolest....and 49 is the new 24! Howl!

Danielle, thanks so much! I mostly use a little Canon powershot digital camera. I'm kind of in love with the macrofocus feature. For the crab, I did a color-highlight, choosing the red in the crab shell and then adjusting it to give it a kind of painted quality.

I will be sure to give the boy his 'round the world birthday wishes at just the right time!

A fearful Latin thing -- werewolves?

Happy Tuesday -- hugs

Gina Marie said...

Hi Donna, I've always loved to eat fresh-caught, beach-boiled Dungeness crab with nothing but melted garlic butter. Yum! But recently Chef BAK made a tasty crab dish -- it was simple but so good. If I remember right it was just fresh crab meat sauteed in garlic butter with cream, mushrooms and some crushed fennel. Delish!

Craig Sorensen said...

Thank you, Donna! It is an awesome card, eh?

Danielle, I completely understand the superstition thing (being married to an Italian-American woman.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Well, I ain't superstitious,
But I'm sending best wishes:
It's the birthday of a friend of mine!
And I know that it's true
(Because he gave us the clue)
That he'll be coming up on forty-nine.

He went from Mountain Time in Boise
All the way to New Joisey*,
Foggy London, Bundes Deutschland, PA ...
Southern California, where the Neves hang ten,
And some other places on the way.

*Poetic license. I have no reason to believe CJS has ever lived in N.J.

neve black said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday, Craig!

From, Hang Ten Neve. :-)

p.s. Thank you Jeremy

p.p.s. Gorgeous picture here, Gina.

Gina Marie said...

Oh Jeremy, what a tribute to Craigalicious! Isn't poetic license fun?

Gina Marie said...

Salutations Neve!

I wanna see you taking apart one of those monster waves! (Naked, of course).

Jeremy Edwards said...

(Naked, of course)

[THINKS: Hmm ... maybe I should check out this surfin' scene, after all ...]

Er ... would you believe ... Cowabunga?

Okay, okay, I'm not fooling anyone ... I'm a gremmy in hodads (or possibly vice versa). I swear I know those Beach Boys harmonies, though, backwards and forwards. (They sound better forwards.)

Craig Sorensen said...

Now my card has a great image on the outside, and a personalized message on the inside!

So cool!

And, while I have never lived in Joisey, I've been there so often on business sometimes, that it feels like I have!

You guys truly are the best!

Craig Sorensen said...

[Waves to Neve out there hanging ten]

And I'll point out that my verification word is "patedom"

A kinky French treat.