Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating Independence

I called a dangerous bluff once.
That was a fine day.
His knee bouncing beneath the table gave it away.
Well, that and the stinging slap of his hand
across my integrity.

A scarlet letter will be my next tattoo.
A thick, scrolled "W" for whole, words, whore, woman, wicked,
wheelhouse, wand, and wanderlust. A is for apple.

The dancing spruce refuses to reveal her secrets,
even though I kissed her. Still beautiful and mysterious
after all these years. Maybe I should have hugged her first.

Tiny pyramids of sand ripple beneath my feet.
On my belly, looking on from the perspective of
a sand flea the windblown mounds are mountains.
I scale them, sprinting into the fog
and count my lucky stars. There are too many to count
but I try anyway because I am so thankful.

I returned to the dancing spruce and hugged her, softly
at first, then with all my might, tears staining her bark.
She moaned sweetly into the wind
and whispered, "I called a dangerous bluff once too. That was
500 years ago. Boogie baby, boogie!"


Shanna Germain said...

Love the poem!

And is that you with red hair?! Fuck me, I want!!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Nice poem Gina! Great, powerful images!

Danielle de Santiago said...

ahhrg*..i just cant say again that you are such a fucking & awsome writer&inspiration..i just keep my fingertips shut and wait for the next poetic pearl you offer to our hungry eyes...:_)

Jeremy Edwards said...


[Haha! My spamword is foodi.]

Gina Marie said...

Fuck um, yeah Shanna, that's me, come & get it :)

Thanks Craig -- we went on an amazing hike from the top of a cape down to the tidepools and back up again. Those enormous trees, the mist, the flowers, the Native American shell mounds down along the's just beautiful there.

Danielle, gosh, thank you so much. I enjoy your pearls very much as well!

Foodi!!!! Love it. Thanks Jeremy.

Today we are heading into town to hopefully watch the octopus get fed at the marine science center. :)

Erobintica said...

Lovely poem - it and the pictures makes me homesick for the Pacific. Love the line I called a dangerous bluff once too. That was500 years ago

Shanna Germain said...

-is coming, is coming!-

Wait for me!!!!

Gina Marie said...

Hi Robin!!! I haven't been able to get to the coast as much as I'd like -- it's so good to be here, touring around & seeing the sights again. I have so many great childhood memories from here and it's especially fun to share them with my boys.

Shanna! Wait for you forever, sweetness!

Danielle de Santiago said...

lol...octupus yes? and foodi? c´mon over to my blog and check my reciepe for a greek salad with octopus..hehe*

Emerald said...

Very cool, Gina — thanks for sharing!