Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet goodness

For the first time since I planted my miniature sweet cherry tree nine years ago, the birds haven't eaten all the fruit before I could get to it. They'd swoop in and get every last cherry despite noise makers, pie tins, nets, rock throwing, bb guns, and screaming. Not this year. Today there is cherry juice on my chin and the air smells like chives, roses, and wet leaves. Today smells like sweet goodness.

My hair smells like poetry, like the wind, like hot sand, like a country song, like a wolf.

The man in the moon is real. I touched him. He fed me cheese. It wasn't green. It was bleu. My favorite.

You say Clematis, I say Clitoris.

I found a cave man hiding in the rocks. I gave him some whiskey and tied him to a tree. I think he likes me.

The angel in the garden isn't fallen. She's just working on her tan.

Life isn't like a bowl of cherries.


Shanna Germain said...

Love this! Miss you and your cherry bunches!!!!

Danielle de Santiago said...

gina marie...shakeshishead*..how will that end up with you and your wonderfull sex food nature poetry thing?...i hope i ll be there to see it..:-)

soon my cherries have to be harvest too...plenty cherry pies and marmelade to make..my godsons are already begging for that..lol

and if you wanna see the man in the moon..follow me...:-)


Erobintica said...

Oh, how wonderful - cherries! I planted two cherry trees years ago but they got girdled one winter and went back to rootstock. The birds like the fruit, but it's mostly pit. This year nothing though - weird weather got the blossoms. I am not an orchardist.

I LOVE "You say Clematis, I say Cloritis" !!!

Life is all of that (what you wrote) plus much more.

Erobintica said...

and I can't fucking spell today - for shame

that's Clitoris - damn!

Erobintica said...

just a wee bit dyslexic - wow - I spelled that though

Danielle de Santiago said...

yay erobintica..i totally go for Cloritis ..sounds just to fucking funny..:-)

Gina Marie said...

The Dyslexic Clitoris and the Literate Cloritis!

Aw Shannalicious, I miss you so much! Come back. I'll bake you a pie.

Hi there Mr. Danielle Shakeshishead, thank you! Oh, marmelade....now my head is spinning. Thanks for sharing your blog post -- absolutely incredible.

Robin, you may not be an orchardist, but you sure made my day with an awesome typo and your self-correction. Sweet thing!

BadAssKona said...

Cloritis....hmmm...may have had that disease. It left me with priapism and a tendency to drool whenever a tree whore was in the vicinity.

Gina Marie said...

What a horrible disease! Robin, I had no idea.

neve black said...

Oh, Gina!
You have cherries! I say that is indeed, sweet goodness. Congratulations! What was the trick to keep the cherry pirates away?

Hair smells of poetry, eh? That's so beautiful.

Gina Marie said...

Hi Neve,

The amazing thing is, I had given up on those cherries. I decided the birds could have them. I did nothing this year. It's a miracle. Maybe the sunbathing angel kept those peckers away!

Erobintica said...

LOL at BAK - tis a dreadful thing - thank eros it's curable.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Every night, I gargle with Clivoris.

Gina Marie said...

Thank Eros indeed!

Jeremy, you are too funny!

Craig Sorensen said...


I have a weakness for sour pie cherries too. Used to devour them by the bunch from a neighbor's tree when I was a kid. I'd eat until I had a stomach ache, then I'd come back for more.

Verification word: antal.

One cannot be antal retentive when stimulating the cloritis.

Gina Marie said...

Hi Craig,

My boys love homemade sour cherry pie but I've never seen anyone devour the sour ones like you described! Must say something about your strong character.

Danielle de Santiago said...

lol then i must have a charakter like that too since i love them sour cherries more then sweet cherries..in my grandmothers garden was a sour cherry tree which fruits i loved so much sometime si sate them when still not really ripe just because i loved the sour bite in mouth on my tongue so much...