Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Like the last animal

Another Thing Coming
Part 1
--Gina Marie

To say I want to fuck his brains out would be so cliché. What I’m about to do (what we’re about to do, but don’t tell, he doesn’t know about any of this yet and thinks we’re just going to a barbecue with friends) is fuck his brains in. Fuck him so hard that his brains liquefy and melt down into his spine, pulse through his heart and sweat out of his bleeding pores. Fuck him so hard that his eyes roll back into his head and his breath comes only in ragged, gasping breaths. Fuck him so hard that his liquid brains spurt out of the end of his dick, blasting everyone in the audience with his red, hot, molten cunning, wit and intelligence, and lust, while the body quivers and shakes below, his cock and balls becoming so superheated that they implode, sending a river of hot cum flowing like lava into his newly emptied cranium. Fuck him so hard that he leaves his body and floats above the fire, above the drummers, high in the smoky rafters. He watches like a dark angel, black raven’s wings flapping as we fuck him. Tease him. Take him to the cliff’s edge. Watches himself strain and writhe against the thick hemp ties. Watches himself squirm and shudder and moan atop the thick, brain-spattered bear hide. Watches himself cum and cum and cum, glistening sweat-soaked in the firelight, back arched, howling and screaming like the last man, the last animal, to ever be fucked on earth.


“I have to pee.”

I’m smirking slightly when I say it. Can’t help myself. I’m so bad.

“Oh yeah?” Buck says, tipping a pint glass of cabernet sauvignon to his lips. “Well you better have some more wine then.”

“Turn right up here,” I say, giving him a little pat on the leg. “There’s a pullout and some trees.”

“Sorry baby,” he laughs. “Can’t do that. I wanna watch you squirm a little.”

“Very funny honey,” I snort. “You’re a real hoot. Now stop the truck like a good boy and let me out.”

Buck speeds up on the gravel road, aiming for the potholes.

“Fucking hell Buck! You just made me bounce out a dribble. Please pull over? Pretty please?”

He pushes his sunglasses higher on his nose and just smirks at me like the fool he is, presses harder on the gas and hits another hole, sending me lurching. I squeeze, forcing some out for a realistic effect, a stream of hot piss dribbling down my thigh.

“Dammit Buck, you got me all wet and that really PISSES me off! You wanna watch me squirm? Well watch this.”

Once a stunt woman, always a stunt woman. There’s nothing I love better than leaping from a moving vehicle.

I slide my naked ass off of Buck’s pissed-on lap and shimmy to the passenger door, fling it open and leap onto the grassy shoulder, rolling into the ditch.

Buck hates it when I leap out like that, mostly because he was enjoying my bare ass in his stripped-down crotch. He slams on the brakes and busts up laughing while screaming, “God damn sonofabitch get back here you crazy bad girl!” but I’m trotting now, headed towards the bushes along the side road. He’ll follow me. Just like I want him to. Panting like a puppy.

Skipping down the road, arms in the air, enjoying the warm summer air on my skin, I look back to see Buck ambling along behind just shaking his head, his eyes saying, “what next?”

“Told you I have to pee, Mister,” I yelled over my shoulder. “No man is going to tell me when or when not I can take a piss.”

Turning up a small side road, I head towards an alder grove. He’ll follow me. Of course he will. He wants to watch, wants to taste. But he’s got another thing coming…..this time.

I’ve got my arms wrapped around the base of an alder and am starting to squat when Buck walks over all casual, grinning and naked except for the mangled straw cowboy hat angled on his head. He’s cocky and sure as shit about something. He leans up against the tree and takes my hair in his hand. “Listen here woman….”

“Let the girl be, cowboy.”

I push back a giggle as Tawnee comes up behind Buck with a length of rope and a strip of black cloth.

The last I see of his eyes, they’re smiling and sparking at the same time as Tawnee ties his hands tight behind his back and wraps the fabric around his brow. The forest is hushed as I water the base of the alder, the only sound that of a soft breeze fluttering the leaves and my pee splashing on wood.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Tawnee teases our blind, bound Buck all the way to the barn. I’m leading him by a rope around his waist while she flails on his ass with an alder whip. His stiff cock bounces when he walks and he's making deep, guttural groans every time Tawnee strikes his ass. He's also giggling a little. That won't last for long. This isn't some kind of game.

The old barn is high on a hillside surrounded by hardwood forest. It’s the perfect place to torture a man, the smell of dust and rust, machinery, oil and wood filling his nose along with the musky scent of lust and wet pussy that he’ll never see, only feel and taste.

Inside, we lead Buck to the “torture chamber,” a king-sized bondage bed in the loft. The bed sports iron rings on the posts, restraints underneath, and the finest tools of the trade hanging along the loft wall. Whips, cuffs, paddles, ropes, ticklers, you name it.

“Careful on the steps loverboy,” Tawnee says, giving Buck one more good swat on the ass before helping his foot find the step-up to the bed. He shudders as he lies back on the silk, his naked skin glowing with sweat, his lips dry.

Rachel and Lumina enter with fruit, wine and a selection of oils.

“Well just look at this,” Lumina coos, dipping her black spirals in wine and brushing it across Buck’s dry lips. “Hot damn!” She lifts his head and kisses wine into his parched mouth. “Mmmm,” he groans, taking three more offerings from Lumina’s soft decanter.

We spread him out on the bed like a Da Vinci cadaver, his muscles taught and hard against the soft bed coverings. Light filters through the barn walls and onto his skin, dissecting his body into sensual geometric shapes.

Rachel silently pours oil onto her soft hands and begins to massage Buck slowly, starting at his feet and working her way to his stomach, chest, neck and face.

He looks spectacularly masculine, cuffed to the iron rings, naked, oiled. Straddling him silently, I hover my bare pussy just above his face while Tawnee kisses his relaxing cock back to attention. He can smell me, feel her. Lumina traces his lips with her fingers, wet with strawberry juice.

Buck moans as I tease his tongue with the lips of my flower, barely allowing the tip of his tongue to reach my moist, pungent flesh. Dipping a finger into my thick, warm cum, I swipe it across his upper lip. My action is followed three times, our unique sexual fragrances mingling into one intoxicating perfume teasing Buck’s flaring nostrils.

And with that, we file from the room and leave him there to ponder his fate.

To be continued….of course! 'Cept I don't know what all is going to happen yet. Hey you sluts & whores out there -- any great torture ideas? Send me a note & help me make sure that Buck is well taken care of: kmacedonia-at-gmail.com

Top Photo at Deviant Art: http://loverope.deviantart.com/art/Le-Goudron-117360053

Center Photo: http://cychochic.deviantart.com/art/Collapse-Chains-3-52514776


BadAssKona said...

Silence, fingers, tongues, silence...nothing but feeling and fantasy

Craig Sorensen said...

Nasty, nasty girl.

Love it!

Marina said...

Y'all have way too much fun over on that side of the country! WOW! Love it! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Erobintica said...

umm, how long do we have to wait?


Gina Marie said...

Nasty girl indeed!

Part Two is all yours.